The One Thing Standing Between You and Success


When I started my interior design business online it didn't take long for me to feel hopeless and lost. I was chasing every bright and shiny new object that I thought was going to give me an interior design business plan to build lasting success and a steady income.

Ever watch that movie Sybil?

Remember how Sally Field was acting out all of the Sybil personalities? That's exactly how I was acting in my business.

Yes, yes let's do that. No, no! You fool! Stop it, STOP it! What the eff are you doing? I love you.


I would try one thing, stop and then try another thing if I didn't get success right away. I needed to learn more, figure out how to do it all, how to make money, like yesterday. But it's not like you can just google: interior design business plan and get exactly what you need.

Ooh, I got a job, what can I buy?

Once I got a paying client and finished their project, I felt like a NBA baller and wanted to blow my wad on something to move my business forward.

I bought courses from well known people who were charging butt loads of money to show me the interior design business plan that was going to make me rich! When I completed the course, I was no closer to my goal and they had more money from my dwindling business bank account.

This started me down a terrible road of addiction called Course-itis. Every job I got led me to buy the next bright shiny course I had my eye on. I was so desperate to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which I was sure was at the end of devouring every course.

Course after course, filled with fucking fluff. Excuses my French, but really. You and I have probably bought all the same courses that promised the world but weren't what we needed.

Modeling Success?

Back then, I would look to other designers to see what they were doing, but truth was I didn't know if they were successful. So modeling my business based of assumptions was a pretty dumb idea, but it was even funnier when I saw other designers who were following my lead, and modeled me. Blind following the blind.

You can't emulate what you can't validate.

When the I found the pot of gold

I see all of these adventures in entrepreneurship as leading me to where I am now. Like you, I grew so effing frustrated with not getting the success I deserved, consistently. People were promising me the pot of gold and a dance with the leprechaun. All I ended up with was some two dollar gold dust on my hands. I could've gotten that for less at the strip bar.

Eventually I was led on to path of success when I unleashed the beast. Myself.

Being myself, doing what the hell I wanted to do in my business because I loved to do it actually made sense and was the exact opposite of what all those other people said.

Yes, by then I had figured out how to do a lot of the technical things that were necessary to move my business forward, but real success of connecting with my ideal clients didn't come until I got real. Which can be damn scary.

Your Interior Design Business Plan

When you offer services you want to deliver, you blog in the manner that shows the real you, your website is branded just like you, when you design your dream business based off what you want and not what someone else thinks or based on what you think your clients want, you're half way there.

Once you dream up what you want to do every day, you can then purposefully go about doing the research you need to get you exactly where you want to go.

The rest is logistics.

But you're ain't going to get there if you don't know what you want to do. Period.

Still not sure what you want to do?

Imagine God comes down to Earth and says to you, if you could design your business exactly how you want it to be, nix all the shit you don't like to do (but are holding on to it because you think, or know, it's profitable) and just focus on the top three things you really want to do, what would your business look like?

Your homework

Sit quietly, for five to ten minutes. No Facebook, no internet, no computer, no email, no phone, no nothing. Silence. (This was harder than I thought for myself, but maybe I'm just a technology whore. Is there a support group for that?)

Picture your dream business, picture you running it every day and how you feel. Picture the money coming in freely and easily because you are in your zone of genius.

If that feels effing fantastic like the best orgasm you could imagine, then build that business. Forget what anyone tells you... if it doesn't feel good, it doesn't work or it's too much effort and takes you away from your dream, then don't do it. Life's too short.

After you have this fabulous dream, pick your first goal to get to your dream business and set a date. Then commit to it in the comments. When we write it down, we commit to ourselves and other that we are going to do something and we are more likely to reach that goal. So what's your first goal? Tell me, I'm waiting :)