Sick & Tired of NOT Getting Interior Design Clients?

sick and tired of not getting enough clients

Like how, stupid! I totally want clients, why would I want to find out how NOT to get interior design clients? Dur. Oh I'm not saying you want to learn yet another new way to not get interior design clients, but if you're already making sure you don't get them with your interior design business branding, then wouldn't you like to know before you go out of business.

Being an Interior Designer Automatically Makes You a Bitch

I know you're not. But your clients don't know that. In fact, if your writing is stiff they are about 94% sure you're a weird bitchy robot.

So You Have To Be Honest About Your Business

You need to start developing your interior design business branding that makes you so unforgettable that you can't be ignored.


Clients want honesty because we all know there are tons of frauds are on the internet. And lots of those frauds are making a bad name for the rest of us decent designers. So starting off on an authentic and friendly foot will go a long way in your success.

For starters, don’t write in the third person when you aren’t a big ol’ entity because they'll know you are a one-woman/man show even when you are pretending to be a big design firm (and clients really do like working with small companies, so don’t get hung up on that.)

“A brand is a promise of an experience.”

So, what are you promising? A boring time or are you gonna show them the awesome person we all know you are that has design solutions that will knock their effing socks off? That person your friends adore... in other words:

Be you.

For instance, if you like Southwest décor (and I’m not a fan of it, but you might be) post it on up loudly and proudly. Maybe this is a design aesthetic you want to focus on and you know what? There are others out there that will like it, too.

When you share what you love, you will attract the same people who do, too and want to work with you.


Clients already expect you to know how to do your job, be creative and know what the hell you're doing. So, repeatedly telling clients that you're an ASID NCIDQ CCIDC IIDA Interior Designer doesn't really mean shit to them. Sorry to break the news when you spent so much money on those letters.

Clients are going to start paying attention to you and then THINK about buying from you when you step outside of that "professional and stodgy" spot that you feel comfortable in and move into the spot where you are totally YOU.

Where's the proof?

If you've been following me since I started out as an eDesigner, you know that the reason why people either love me or hate me is because of what I'm projecting out there... my personality, or the brand I've created.

When I had consults with people about their design projects they aren't asking me if I'm a certified whatever. They talk about that blog post I wrote that really helped them, the blog post that was so funny, the blog that was so honest, or that video I made that really got them thinking.

So what are you promising?

Today is the day you can decide to bring your 100% authentic self to your business every day and make your interior design business branding unforgettable.

Okay, now what?

You've got to show the world the real "you" by showing up where your clients are. Consistently and that means you need a plan build up your interior design business branding online.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.