Interior Design Business Astrology 101

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What can interior design business astrology do for your business? A lot. Imagine how much easier it would be to vibe with your business if you could express what's inside and could then weave that through every part of your business? That is when the magic starts.

What's Astrology?

Astrology is the ancient practice of attributing meanings to the placement of the moon + planets at the exact moment of your birth. Since ancient times, people have been studying the sky. In the late 19th into the 20th century, the increased interest in spiritualism saw a renewed interest in the topic. And when Carl Jung, a psychiatrist, became interested in astrology? Well, say hello to psychological astrology and the archetypes. Which really makes astrology something extremely useful when you're looking to incorporate your birth chart into your business decisions.

With the knowledge that you can correlate the information within your birth chart with an archetype that has specific personality traits, motivations, fears mean that interior design business astrology has the potential to help you grow your business organically once you incorporate the information. 

Within your birth chart, the Sun, Moon and Ascendant sign are the VIPs that will give you insight and useful information about your business.

☉ What’s the Sun Sign?

The Sun is the one that everyone knows. It's the sign you look at when you're checking out your horoscope in the magazine at the salon. For me, it's right about 50% of the time which is why it took me a loooooong time before I ever delved into the topic of astrology. So, if you're thinking astrology is a bunch of shit because your horoscope is rarely correct, I get it. But, stay with me and I think you'll find some interesting information in your natal chart that you can use.

Your Sun sign is you are evolving into. It also includes your natural talents, it's the essence of your personality, your ego, and your life purpose. The Sun represents your will and your fundamental character.

☽ What’s the Moon Sign?

The Moon sign, in my opinion, is way more interesting because while it's not as "well-known" as the Sun sign, gives you such deep information about what you need emotionally to really feel alive. It is about your emotions, instincts and how you feel about people and everything else. 

When you look at your Moon sign you'll find that this tells you what emotions you really need to express based on experiences and what you need to feel emotionally to feel nurtured and satisfied. And because the Moon modifies the Sun sign that is why people with the same sun sign can seem so different.

It is also the emotions of your dream clients that you need to tune into. Why? Because we get along with people who are like us and when you start to understand your moon sign, you will understand who your dream clients on a much deeper level. A level where the basic ideal client exercise won't be able to give you insight that you can really use. 

What’s the Ascendant Sign?

The Ascendant sign, also known as the Rising sign, is the mask that you show to the world or another way to say it is how you appear to the world. This isn't to say that we're all posers, it's just how others see our style as we go about life. It's because of the ascendant sign that some people could guess that you're a Virgo when you're really a Cancer leaving you befuddled. 

The Ascendant sign represents our personal style, too and can be used for inspiration of the visuals for your brand.

It's how you seem to operate in the world, how you like to be seen by others and it's how you work on achieving your life purpose. Beyond that, it can dictate how your brand visually shows up, while the moon is about the message your brand shares.

p.s. Your astrology chart doesn't dictate outcomes. This is about what motivates and drives you as well as how you behave in situations BUT because you have free will, you can change the outcomes at any time.

What Astrology Taught Me About My Business

When I started to dive into my birth chart I was amazed at what I found. My Sun sign is ♋Cancer and I'm a caregiver, making sure that everyone else's needs are taken care of before I take care of myself. Also, I'm a group leader (hello Society!) and I seek to help my community to grow which leads to my life purpose: To find your tribe and be the leader of your tribe. 

My Moon sign is ♓ Pisces and this really speaks to what I've always been interested in but until recently was terrified to incorporate it into my business, because being woo-woo and advertising it is like nailing a sign on the front of your business begging for people to mock you. And because of my Moon is in Pisces, I prefer to work behind the scenes but when people come at me, I tend to retreat even more. 

My Ascendant sign is ♍ Virgo which speaks directly to what you see from my offerings, whether it's a course or my blog posts. ALL of my friends know that if they need to find out information to ask me. I'm their Google because I'm not satisfied with the first page results. I will dig and dig and dig to give you the information that you need. This also can prevent me from sharing information in a timely manner because I have this need to find all the details and sometimes those extra details don't really matter to the big picture.

So beyond just getting this information, when I tied my Moon Sign into the Jungian Archetype for my dream clients... holy, holy, holy!

My dream clients are me and I am them. (Same for you!) My clients are seeking transformation. If I was still taking on design clients, I would offer design services that would help them to transform their lives through holistic methods. I would speak about energy, spiritualism, flow, intuition, crystals, alignment and ... wait a minute here. That's what I'm doing now and helping you to do that for your clients!! 


What Interior Design Business Astrology Can Mean For Your Clients

We know that many times while working with our clients that we become a trusted advisor that helps them transform their relationships through our design solutions. Digging into your interior design business astrology you will be able to know who your clients are on a deeper level, knowing how they feel can influence how you approach the design project. 

If you want to take it a step further, you could start to dig into what types of design solutions will resonate with your clients. You may even choose to have your clients submit their own natal chart so you can do more research into what types of decor will speak to their soul. 

What Interior Design Business Astrology Can Mean For Your Business

When you unearth what your interior design business astrology has to say you can brand your business (your brand is a promise of an experience with you) all of the things that make you unique. When you understand your purpose, how to connect with your dream clients and use the language that they use and wrap it up in a visual story that connects on a subconscious, emotional level everything becomes easier. 

Here's the interesting thing that I found out about how I was presenting my business before astrology gave me the down low. I, without knowing it, was tapping into an archetype that didn't represent all of me. Frankly, I felt quite safe in playing the role of that archetype because, as I mentioned earlier, my woo-woo side was a scary thing to show to the world. As a kid, I was called a space cadet and I couldn't imagine showing that side of me to the world in a professional sense. 

So, I've spent years trying to fit myself into a brand that was partially me, but not the person that needs to express who I am completely. And I know that I am not alone in doing this. But when you learn, you grow, right?

Understanding your natal chart will allow you to up your game, align with your purpose and see how you can use this information to focus on your business goals.

You're being called to step into your purpose and serve your clients on a bigger level. What you're meant to do and who you're meant to serve are waiting for you to show up in their life.

There are no coincidences and that's why you're reading this post. You're meant to see this and then when you decide to shift and learn about your own interior design business astrology chart, you'll be able to feel more at ease in your business. Whether it comes from the services that you offer to the content you share. It's all in your birth chart. 

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.