Signs Your Interior Design Brand Is In Trouble


I hate bras. Much like bras are supposed to support the girls, a brand needs to support your business. Bras have a purpose, but I have yet to fall in deep love with one that does what it should and makes me feel good about wearing it. And I know a lot of creative business owners that have brands that aren’t supporting their business. Let’s look at the signs of a brand that isn’t supporting your business.

Your brand is supposed to represent you online in a way that reflects you AND who you want to work with. If your brand isn’t supporting your goals and getting you the clients you want, then it isn’t supporting you ideally, much like my bras.

3 Signs Your Brand Isn't Supporting Your Business

1. No one contacts you. Kinda like the lady at the end of the bar wearing the grandma bra. No one wants to talk to her and her boobs are basically touching the floor. No one approaches her. If you aren’t getting regular inquiries, or comments on your blog, or any interaction period it means your brand isn’t inspiring action in your dream clients.

2. You’re attracting a-holes. Maybe your brand is like the chick at the bar wearing the bra out there is plain eyesight of all the dudes at the bar. None of those dudes respect that chick. Much like the clients who want you to do your awesomeness for them for the grand total of $5? Yeah, you don’t like working for them and that’s certainly not what you had in mind when you dreamt up your big beautiful business. But that seems to be all you’re getting.

3. You’re confusing them. Your brand could be wearing a white suit and there’s a bright yellow bra with tassels clearly visible under your crisp white shirt. Clearly the bright yellow bra and business suit don’t make sense together. If your brand is based off some element that is totally unrelated to your service or product, it may be hard to tell your business story to your dream clients. Sometimes we can’t see the forest thru the trees and even though we think “donuts” are cute, they make no sense for a Chinese food restaurant to use them in their branding. So, if you do attract anyone, they aren’t who you really want to work with. Instead, you may just have set out the catnip that attracts people who can spot a desperate entrepreneur. You don’t want that.

It doesn't have to be this hard

The whole reason you went into business was to do your life’s purpose with happiness, not spend it fighting to make a buck and paste on a fake smile. Brands need to look professional with graphics that look great, reflect you and attract your dream clients in droves.

If you’re tired of attracting the wrong clients that make your business not so dreamy, let’s talk about making your brand kryponite.