6 Steps To Create A Killer Interior Design Brand

A killer interior design brand will allow you to cut through the noise and create an experience your clients will never forget. 

6 steps to create a killer interior design brand

Step #1: Who Are You?

I have heard it explained many ways and I find it is very true in the field of interior design that YOU are your brand. A brand is a promise of an experience and that, more than anything else, is what most clients are buying from you.

You need to know who you REALLY are and why you started this business. What are those core values that you believe in? What are your strengths that you have that set you apart from the "competition"? Make a list or ask your friends to help you with this step.

Step #2: Who Is Your Dream Client?

We all know it is wonderful to have clients just land on our proverbial business door step. They find us, love our work and just can't wait to get started. And when I mean can't wait, I mean can't wait! You know why they can't wait? Because you just found one of your dream clients. They are a special treasure that happens to find you. But you and I both know that these special dream clients don't just show up on your doorstep every time you need a job.

Waiting for a client to just show up either by calling you or popping an email in your inbox is like waiting taking a stroll on the beach and finding the Hope Diamond. You can wait for them to pop up on the beach, but that is rare. Very rare. So while you wait, for the elusive Hope Diamond of a dream interior design client to show, what do you do? You dream them up if you've never worked with a perfect client.

Your dream client isn't some 40-year old mom who drives an SUV. That could be every mom in the pick-up line. You need to be very specific about this person. What does THEIR life look like? What do they believe? What activities do they participate in their free time? Where do they shop? How do they speak?

Sometimes this person could be your twin. Sometimes they are a variation of who you are. You need to know who this ONE identity is. You will attract people who aren't exactly like your dream client, but they'll be pretty damn close. 

Step #3: What's Your Message?

What is the message of your business? You can think of it as addressing your dream client's problem and the benefit to working with you.

It will make your buyers find a way to relate to your business by inspiring and motivating them to make them want to work with you. You need to focus on what is important to them. 

When you know this, your message will become the foundation for all of your marketing activities. It will guide every part of your marketing activities. If you don't know what your brand message is you'll confuse the market and your buyers will tune you out.

Step #4: Get The Word Out

It is a rare thing that someone will show up to your website and hire you within minutes. This is why is it sooooooo effing important that you create content. It's non-negotiable. 

Whether it is blogging or video you need to create content for your prospective clients to get to know you, like you and trust you. I know creating content can be a drag, but you need to take this seriously. It's going to help you get known... because if you're not known, you can't be hired.

Step #5: Create Irresistible Offers

Make sure that you are selling the result, not the features. 

You have to sell the dream. 

I have Celiac disease which means I can't eat gluten. No, I'm not on a gluten-free diet because I'm trendy or to lose weight. It's because I don't want to be a sick motherfucker all of the time.

This means I can't eat delicious, squishy bread. I can't eat yummy pasta. And saltine crackers which were my crack is out the window. Stuffing on Thanksgiving? Nope. 

Every time I go into a grocery store I'm looking for something that tastes like real food with glutenous debauchery. Something that doesn't taste like styrofoam, or it's filled with a pound of sugar to cover up its weird consistency.

So how can I pick something without opening up a package of gluten-free cookies in aisle 4 without being one of those weird people who actually eat the shit they are buying for dinner in the middle of the store?

I rely on the label: "Best damn gluten-free cookies" - Good enough for me. 

To someone else cookies with gluten may say they taste like shit on a shingle or to another gluten-free comrade they may taste like a dick, to someone, somewhere they will taste like Heaven.

Sell the dream. I want to believe that these are the best damn cookies in the world that I am allowed to eat. I will spend $7 on the tiniest package of cookies known to man if I have a chance at tasting the best damn gluten-free cookies on Earth.

If they suck, it's on me. I could have googled reviews to see what others think. I could choose not to eat the cookies. 

They taste like the best damn cookies to someone in this world and that is the only person you need to sell to.

Step #6: Solidify Your Signature Design Process

Every interior designer has a different signature interior design process. You could copy someone else's process but don't. You will need to know every step of your own process that goes into completing your projects. 

The unique way you run your projects is the experience that your clients will remember for a lifetime. Nailing that process allows you to provide the same magical experience every time so your clients will become your brand evangelists for life. 

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.