Interior Design Blog Strategy That Works

interior design blog strategy

Everyday interior designers blog about something related to design. But often times they don't see results. They don't see more traffic coming to their website. They don't get a client. Nothing happens.

Writing an interior design blog just to write isn't good enough. There must be a point to writing. If there's not, you're not doing your business a solid. 

Here's 5 Interior Design Blog Strategies That Work

#1 Be You

Be you and only write posts about stuff you actually want to write about. Your blog is a way to make connections. So when you start writing about stuff that a) doesn't relate to your business and b) bores you to tears it will show up in your writing. Remember this isn't school and you get to choose the topics.

#2 Keywords Matter

Do your keyword research. You should be researching the keywords that people are using to find your content. It doesn't do you any good to optimize a blog post for a keyword that doesn't attract your dream clients. Sure, your post is perfectly optimized but optimizing a post for "pink" but that color applies to so many things like clothes, cars, fabric, paint, pens, etc. Instead try something like "how to decorate a pink bedroom" which might be what your peeps are looking for. 

#3 Link To Your Own Stuff

Link to your other content in your own website. This is helpful to your reader and good for Mr. Google to get a phenomenal idea about what you do. The more you write and link all you shit up the better your rankings get. BUT, make sure you are focused in your efforts. Do your keyword research and those words will become the main topics of your blog. 

#4 Alt Tags do Matter

ALT tags are how the search engines will be able to display your image when someone searches online. So if you wrote that blog post on how to decorate a pink room - make sure that your image on your post (always include an image!) is also named that same long tail keyword.

#5 Tell 'Em What To Do

CYA with a CTA - Cover yo' ass with a Call To Action... what is the point of writing a blog post if you don't tell the reader what to do when they are done? Nada. So don't waste the opportunity. Tell them to sign up for your Freebie, or to hire you. Whatever it is, don't ever leave your CTA out of the blog post.

You need to make sure that with every interior design blog post you put up on your website that there is a strategy behind it. What action do you want the reader to take?

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