The Down & Dirty on Interior Design Affiliate Marketing


Make money in your sleep, they say. While there is more involved to just slapping a link up to a product you love, it's totes possible to make more money in your interior design business. Affiliate marketing is the new way for interior designers to make extra money they used to count on from specifying products. Those golden days of making butt loads of money on specifying product have practically disappeared. What with clients shopping you on the internet and finding the exact same rug you spec'd for less. How annoying is that?

Basically? Affiliate marketing is earning commission when your clients buy through your affiliate program partner link.

You'll sign up for a program, get a special-to-you link that tracks the referrals from people clicking on your link. You earn commission when they purchase.

Commissions usually start at 5% and go up from there.

Step #1: Find Affiliates To Promote & Sign Up

Doing a quick search for "home decor affiliate program" will help you get started in your research. There are tons of programs out there and you'll need to study their commission structure and evaluate if it's the right fit for your business.

Be picky here. Don't sign up for an affiliate program because there's a high commission rate. Sign up for a program because you love their products and services. Remember, just like with the products you sold before, your name is behind this and your clients are counting on your to be the tastemaker and seal of approval. It's your reputation on the line here.

Step #2: Develop Your Affiliate Strategy

Once you sign up for a program, how are you going to start making money? Will you just use these affiliate links on your blog as a tastemaker by creating mood boards? Will you use them for your design projects? Figure out how you can best use them to your advantage.

There's a ton of ways you can make this work for your business. How are you using affiliates currently? Let me know in the comments!