Your Foolproof Interior Decorating Business Plan

interior-decorating-business-plan- (1).png

I know you've heard that a positive mindset will turn your business around in no time. It certainly helps and I'm not here to turn you into a Debbie Downer, but there are a lot of other things that need to go on besides having a positive mindset.

Clients like me, and gosh darn it I just have to turn this frown upside down and BOOM! Clients will be linin' up 'round the block.


You need an interior decorating business plan + a positive mindset.

Tip #1: An Ideal Client + A Niche + A Positive Mindset

If you are still trying to run a business where you're not even sure what your ideal client looks like or what niche you are filling, you are going to be working 50 times harder. Stop, collaborate and figure this out. Talk to those dreamy peeps and figure out your niche. It's like uber important.

Tip #2: A Problem To Solve + A Positive Mindset

A business always solves a problem. You can't come into creating a design business because you just want to create beautiful spaces. While yes, clients want a space they can show off - they do have a problem for you to solve. When you figure out this specific problem, you're on the right track.

Tip #3: A Solution To The Problem + A Positive Mindset

Now that you know what this specific problem is, get to work on packaging up your services in a pretty lil bow that solves the problem. And more than that, make sure you convey how you do this. It's not enough to say you provide a space plan or paint swatches. Answer this question "Why the eff do I need that?" That's your client wondering why that's important. Bring them along through the process. They heart that shit.

Tip #4: A Strategy + A Positive Mindset

With a solution to their problem, you need to pimp yo'self. Figure out how to pimp it and then measure those results.  Pimpin' without measurin' isn't a good idea.

Look, when I started out as an entrepreneur I didn't do this stuff. And making money was hard. It wasn't enjoyable and it sucked balls.

Nobody likes to do this hard work, but if you don't your business can't flourish the way it could. And a positive mindset without an interior decorating business plan isn't a real strategy.