Instagram Interior Design Hashtags That'll Double Your Likes


One of the three social media platforms that I recommend for your interior design business is Instagram. The other two being Pinterest and Facebook.

On Instagram, you'll want to add hashtags to each post. They help you get more eyeballs on your posts by making your images easier to find.

The word on the streets is to use about 7 to 11 relevant hashtags on every post. 

Hot Tip!

I have a text file on my phone of the Instagram hashtags I use all the time making it a snap each time I upload an image to copy and paste them into the content area of my posts.

Step #1:

After you've uploaded your image, write your image caption.

Step #2:

Add your hashtags right after your content that you wrote. 

You can add hashtags in the comment section after you make the post, but it's always a good idea to make sure the OG post has the hashtags.

Here's some of the top Instagram Interior Design Hashtags for you to get started:






#dallasinteriordesigner (add your own city)

It's always a good idea to first go research the best hashtags for your business. If hashtags are just the beginning of your questions when it comes to Instagram, join the Society and learn  “What? Instagram? Is that like a ready made sweet cracker?” to “Yeah, I’ve got a ton of followers, a steady group of people that like and comment, and fans that are already making the jump to hiring me.”