Why Most Income Goals Fail & Here's How To Win


Do you have income goals? I didn't used to, but once I implemented them and tracking them I started to see why most income goals fail. 

So, I am religious about checking my daily income. Well, religious since 2014.

I write down the money that I make every damn day. Even when I don't make money. It's all documented in a spreadsheet. 

I also have a daily, monthly and yearly income goal within the spreadsheet so I can cross-reference it all. 

What is so fascinating to me is that I took a larger leap from 2014 to 2015 than I did in 2015 to 2016.

I took my income goal in 2014 and multiplied it by 5. And I didn't start to hit that until October of 2015.

But in 2015, the income goal I had for 2015? I only upped it 1.5 times. I smashed that goal once in 2016 in the month of March. 

So Why Did My Income Goals Fail?

I think it's because we don't dream big enough. We don't think it's possible and we aim for goals we think we can hit.

But, if we're thinking logically about any of this shit, we wouldn't be thinking logically. We will always find a way to keep ourselves within the stupid ass constraints we set for ourselves. And how utterly ridiculous and stupid is that?!

When I set some crazy ass big income goal for myself, I didn't hit it right away. But I pushed myself to hit it. I put in the work and the strategy that I knew would get me there. 

And then I coasted. 

Coasting isn't good. Coasting is bullshit. 

Most Income Goals Fail - Here's How To Win

Dream big. Pick some scary ass goal that you think you have a 1% chance of hitting. 

If you really hustled and the stars aligned, that's the number you need to pick.

Because I know you and I know me. We like to be comfortable. 

Comfort doesn't get us rich. It keeps us playing safe. Safe sucks balls.

Safe doesn't allow you to feel the freedom of risking it all. 

In your art or your life.

Take a chance and bet on yourself. I'm betting that if we go all in, we've got a really good chance at taking it all. 

You with me?