If They Say "So What", You Should Just Say "Adios"


You're stuck in your head all day. Wondering how to be a human, again.

It used to be so easy. You'd go to work, hang out with your coworkers and be a human.

You'd ask them questions about their family. Gossip about that stupid ass co-worker Stanley who always could find some way to fuck up. Go to a drive-thru and have lunch together in the car listening to a radio talk show wondering "where did they find these callers?!"

Now, you sit in a chair all day. You talk to your dog, but they just perk up their ears assuming you were inviting them to an unlimited petting fest.

You watch Ellen's videos dreaming of sitting on her couch and playing "Never Have I Ever" with some fun people. 

Then you try to get back to work. The online world where you try to make a human connection but it all feels so contrived.

You're trying your best to follow the latest strategies, but you just can't. Get on video? You'd rather do your bookkeeping.

So then you sit there stuck in neutral. You're at a fork in the road. You don't know where either of the roads lead, but you see a car coming up behind you and feel the need to make a choice. Or you're going to have some a-hole honking at your ass.

Then the anxiety sets in. You can't sleep. You eat too much shitty food. You waste time because you can't remember how to be a human.

How do you become a fuckin' human again?

Before that a-hole runs up on your bumper, you need to make a choice.

But how can you make a choice to be human, again, if you don't know why you're hiding?

You're hiding because you're afraid of sharing your real thoughts. To share what you're really interested in. To share those real thoughts that you only share with your BFF in private. To share your real life that's less than perfect. To share your feelings. 

All because you know that people will go "what in the actual fuck is wrong with them?" That people will not like you anymore and won't buy from you. That people will disagree with you and get butt hurt.

Do you stop hiding? Only when you can't take it anymore.

But let me shorten your self-imposed alienation from the human race. 

If you can't get anyone to say "me, too" they will say "so what?" and you can kiss their ass goodbye.

Then what?

You lose the a-holes. You lose your fans. You lose.

Then what are you doing? Give up? Continue to hide?

No, you're not. You're gonna realize that people care about you. They want to hear what you have to say. They want to make a connection. They want to love you. If only you'll let them in.

Let us in.