Ideas for Naming Your Interior Design Service


I strongly believe that if you are selling eDesign or traditional interior design services they are more fun to buy if they have a appropriate and cool name. The name you pick can create an expectation in your client's mind before you even start working together. You could think of the name of your service as setting the stage for what is to come.

It helps to create a feeling about how this service is going to change your clients home.

It also helps to solidify your brand. ---> Cue the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Do not wait to present your services online because you don't have the perfect name. You are sabotaging your own money making efforts. And yes, we sometimes strive for perfection, but it's a losing game.

Plus when you have a kick ass name for your service you will feel tingles when you share your business with the world. Then your excitement becomes contagious like interior design cooties you can your clients can share.

Now where do you start with naming your interior design service? You should do a little bit of brainstorming.

  1. How does your client want the room to make them feel when it is done? Do most of your clients like to have a luxurious feel? Maybe you target the casual peeps? Figure out your style and how it will translate to their desires.

  2. Did they just get a phone call from their family saying they are coming to town? Maybe their kids turned 10 and they are ready to spruce of their home? There are lots of events that happen in people's lives that spur them to hire a designer. You just need to figure out where you come along in their life.

  3. What do they want? Is your specialty home business entrepreneurs? Stay at home moms who need an affordable home office design? Mid Century Modern living rooms? Whatever your specialty is could be a package name.