Hate Your Business?


I don't need a schedule. I'm a BOSS and I will do what I want when I want. 

Good luck with that.

Sure, you can continue on and do what you want when you want. I would bet though that what you are doing isn't getting you the results you actually want.

You continue to resist the discipline because within your mind you equate the discipline with being tied down to the boring daily churn of a business that seemed way more dreamy in your mind before you actually started it.

And now that you're working this business, you're kinda over it. 

You wish you could out source the whole fucking thing to someone who got off on blogging and accounting. 

But, that's not really what you want to do.

You want this business to actually be fun. To not be such a bitch.

The reason why your business has become such a bitch is that you are focusing on doing the shit that doesn't light your soul on fire or find new ways to make them at least a bit more tolerable.

Or maybe you're trying to mimic what someone else told you to do and it feels like nails on the chalkboard within your soul. Then fucking ditch it!

Everyone has a way of doing business. It works for them, it may not work for you, but you may find that you can adapt what they do into something that really makes sense for you. 

If you look at the work as a big pain in the ass, it will never get easier. It will always be a loathsome grind that will make you hate your business.

Following what everyone else is doing will not lead you to the freedom you desire. They are taking the easy way in this life. If you want more out of this life, you will have to figure out how to make this work for you.