8 About Page Secrets You Never Knew


Figuring out how to write your about page for your website can be a complete and total mind-numbing wine-binging event. And, I know you’re just about ready to click “Buy Now” on that copywriter’s Services page - but I want you to try this first. Stay with me, buttercup, there's help on the way.

The first "Pre" rule to in learning how to write your about page is to write to one person in the first person. The second "Pre" rule is to have fun with it. Just like with every aspect of your design business, fun should be included at every turn of your online persona - unless you're a stick-in-the-mud... in that case, carry on Grumpy Cat.

Let your peep know they are in the right spot.

They want to know that THEY are in the right spot. They don't really care too much about you right now, it's all about them and their problems. That means you need to tell them right away you know what exactly they are struggling with.

Welcome! If you’re stumped on how to translate your dream home in your head into a reality, then you’re in the right place, Sugarplum.

Tell your peep you've got the solution they've been looking for.

Now you let them know that you are the person they have been on a mission to find and you can help them.

I get it, you can see exactly how your dream home is supposed to look in your head, but when you go out shopping you feel like every purchase you make for your home is a life and death decision so you get stuck on the cul-de-sac of indecision. You can stop losing sleep now, I’m the one you’ve been looking for.

Introduce yo'self and why you can help

This is the time to tell them who you are because now that they know you get them and feel their pain, you can show off your street cred. But briefly, don't go into an autobiography. If you really wanna tell them your life story, make a link to a blog post or other page with that story.

I’m Audrey, Interior Designer Extraordinaire and I love to help homeowners (like you!) create those dream spaces they can see so clearly in their mind’s eye and turn it a reality without all the headaches. I’ve spent 20 years working with worried homeowners and helped them stop losing sleep over their decor dilemmas. I eat, sleep and live decor and that’s why I started my company Dream Interiors.

Preview how you work with your clients

Here's your chance to give them a glimpse into working with you by telling them what you do with your clients. You don't need to address every single service you provide - just focus on your Big Kahuna service and what the results of working with you are.

I work one-on-one with my clients by translating their design dreams into their new jaw-dropping gorgeous home reality. With my signature design service “Design Dreams Come True” I give homeowners a new peace of mind by designing the home of their dreams.

Add testimonials

Add your raves reviews from your happy clients. Three sprinkled throughout your 'About' page is way bueno, but putting one right under that last paragraph really enforces that you are the perfect designer they've been searching high and low for.

Tell your peeps what to do

Nudge them nicely to buy your design service, if you have more than one share with them a link to your Big Kahuna service sales page.

If you’re ready to stop circling the cul-de-sac of decor confusion click here to get on the road to your dreamy designed interior that will make your friends and family jealous.

Add a picture

Put up a picture of yourself. A recent one. Your peeps wanna see your pretty self and who they will be working with. If you look like Grumpy Cat, Walter Matthau or a crazy person, consider new headshots. Pronto.

Add email opt-in

Add a few sign up forms on your "About' page to allow peeps to sign up for your email list to keep in touch.

If after you read all of these 8 easy tips and tried to do it yourself and feel like you still need to buy the big ol' box of wine and help from a profesh copywriter. Go ahead. I just want you to see that it's not as scary as you think to write your 'About' page. You can really do this. 

And if your website is still pretty much non-existent, then why not create your own stunning website? We've got a step-by-step course to help you get online in no time (and without the headaches.