How To Write A Killer Blog Post Quickly


Writing an interior design blog post can be hard if you don't have a process in place. Writing interior design blog posts consistently is really important to growing your business. 

This is my process for writing blog posts. You can totally steal this process, okay?

Before we get started, you must already know what topics you're going to write about. This can be the biggest stumbling block and will lead you to not wanting to post anything. 

Step 1:

Choose your longtail keyword that will be the URL and basis for the entire post. I've taken a day and done this research and saved all of the keywords I want to use in a file so I have it when it's time to write another post. If you need help with this research, you can get the SEO training to learn how to easily to do this inside the Society.

Step 2:

Outline your blog post. You will use your long tail keyword throughout your blog post. Look at this post you're reading as an example. 

  • In the opening paragraph

  • In the H2 Headings at least 3 times

  • In the conclusion

I start by writing my opening paragraph and the conclusion paragraph. Then I  format the bullet points, leaving space after each to go back in and add more content for each H2 heading.

Step 3:

Then I create images for my blog posts. I create two images for each blog post. One that goes inside this blog post. I make it so it can be pinned on Pinterest. The second image I create is a blog thumbnail that is used internally on my website. 

You can find a template for that on Canva. There's a training in the Society if you need help on how to use Canva. 

Both images are saved with my longtail keyword in case someone is searching in Google images.

What I write on the blog images doesn't have to exactly match my longtail keywords. Think of it as an advertisement to get people intrigued to read your stunning interior design blog post. 

Step 4:

When I'm done with my post, I schedule it to publish on my website according to the blogging schedule I created. If that's once a week for you, schedule it for the same time each week.

Step 5:

Depending on what type of website you have (Wordpress or Squarespace) and theme you're using fill out the "excerpt" or "meta description" portion of the blog post, too. This is basically your text advertisement to get your readers to click.

Writing an interior design blog post shouldn't take you longer than 30 minutes including writing and creating images. You'll develop a process so it's fairly easy to bust out enough blog posts for the month in one day or less.