How To Start An Interior Design Firm

When I got my first internship in college at a model home company, I thought for sure I was going to be learning everything I'd ever need to learn about interior design. Well, I did learn some things, like they had these fabulous pens in the stock room that I developed a crush on. I also learned model home space planning methods weren't what I had been taught in design school. I learned about interior design client relations. I learned about working with architects. I learned all sorts of things, but not really much about how to run an interior design business.

And even beyond learning how to run an interior design business, I would have jumped up and down and swore that to be a kick ass interior designer you would need certifications to prove it. But then I got the certifications and doors didn't magically open. They really should have put that in a disclaimer somewhere.

I've have learned a lot about interior design and business. But it's come through actually doing it.

I bought the books, and while they were really boring they had information that didn't really apply today. You see, Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet.

The Key To Learn How To Start An Interior Design Firm?

Just start. Start your business before you think you are ready and learn. You will never learn everything you need to know before you start a business. Even if you could, it wouldn't make too much sense because you have to apply the knowledge you get from making mistakes. Just like when mom said don't stick your tongue on a frozen ice pole and you didn't listen. You won't ever make that mistake again, same goes for your design business.

I'm not saying go in blind, though

Just because you don't feel ready, doesn't mean you go in to this totally blind. You need to figure out some basic things first like what services you want to sell, who you want to sell to, how much to charge for your interior design services, and the list goes on.

The world is a changing, and so is the business of interior design. If you're not with the times, you're behind them. And that will mess with your bottom line.

Alycia Wicker is a business coach for creative entrepreneurs. Her clients land more of their own dream clients and make more cash, period. Celebrity gossip whore. Elvis-obsessed.