How the Real Housewives Can Teach You How To Sell Design


You're gonna learn how to sell design in your interior design business by studying the Real Housewives. What? Don't believe it's possible? It is! Girl, you know I am a Real Housewives fanatic. Except for Miami, that crazy Mama on there freaked me out, but I'm totally down with all the other locales.

These women, even though they are mostly completely looney toons they are completely fascinating. I love watching them and try to predict what their motivations are and how they navigate these relationships and events that happen in their life. Then I got some great ideas on how sell design in your interior design business from their antics!

When you watch what they do, you can learn some things to do and what not to do, ever.

How To Sell Design By Watching Real Housewives?

  1. Screw Up? Use it to your advantage. When any of the housewives are caught being naughty, they ignore it and start promoting their newest venture. Wine? Cookbooks? Clothing Lines? Restaurants? So you just finished a project that didn't come off as perfectly as you wanted it to? Blog about it and tell what you learned and what you'd do differently. Clients love knowing that interior designers aren't as perfect as they think they are.

  2. Confidence aka Fake It Till You Believe It. A lot of these women simply believe that they are the shiznit. They could be in debt up to their eyeballs because they can't run a business to save their lives, but it doesn't stop them from believing that they are awesome. Your mindset has a ton to do with your success and if it isn't right, your sales are going be stalled.

  3. Being a bitch gets you enemies. Want to stay small? Start rumors and gossip about other designers. Darling, it comes from jealousy, so don't do that. You're fabulous so focus on your own stuff. And remember there are eyes on you all.the.time. Be the designer that is so cool that people can't wait to work with you.

  4. Don't be a fake friend, some bitch gonna call you out. Don't pretend to have a bigger design firm than you do. And everyone knows you're fudging the truth and then start to give you shade. Clients love to work with one-person companies - they know they will be getting your undivided attention.

  5. Working together helps everyone. Just like when the housewives have a party they invite the other ladies even if they don't like them at the moment. Do the same, reach out to a designer that maybe you don't love, but you both will go farther together if you work together. See if you can trade blog posts or promote each other services (assuming you don't offer the same service tot the same niche).

  6. Be you. Share your personal stories, your real life. People love it and crave the personal connection.

  7. Keep creating. Build your interior design empire by creating new ways for clients to work with you. There are a bunch of Housewives franchises out there and it's not by mistake. They are building on a success. Review your services and see which ones are your money makers and ditch the ones that aren't. Then focus on selling the ones peeps love.

When you're wondering about how to increase sales in your interior design business it means you need to take a good hard look at what's working, what isn't and trying new things. If you keep doing what you've always done, don't expect anything to change.