How To Promote & Market Your Business

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You're in business to have freedom. Freedom comes from money. To get that money, you've got to solve a problem. Something you were born to do.

Tip #1: Sell YOU

Your brand and business are all about an experience with you. Show people who you are, how you roll, what you do and who you do it for. Be selective.

Tip #2: Be Selective

Tell the world EXACTLY who you work with and who you don't. Earning money from an a-hole client is not why you started your business. You will hate yourself and business burnout will set in.

Tip #3: Shout It All Out

Shout from the rooftops, or a Facebook Livestream and tell the world what you believe in. Don't sugar coat shit. This is not the time to appeal to everyone and their friends. Don't like accent walls or think HGTV is a shitty channel? Tell us why with passion. Go ranty at times. 

Tip #4: Tell a story

Stories sell and even your story about that time everything that could possibly go wrong, did. Your clients are hiring a person that can relate to them. Tell them what you did to make it go right.

Tip #5: Share Your Client Love

Let the world know that your client's think you're the bee's knees. Share it online and be proud that someone likes the good work you do.

Tip #6: Be Kanye

Sorry, but he's the best example of how he believes he is the best. There's no debating Kanye. Would Kanye tolerate someone telling him that his music blows? No. While he's not my cup of tea, I totes respect his unapologetic style.

The only secret to promoting and market your business is YOU. You are the best salesman and if you can't be bothered to ignore the fear and show up selling the most awesome shit ever, no one else will.