The Easiest Trick To Get More Traffic You're Not Using


Her hands were starting to cramp. She was just about ready to flip her keyboard over like Teresa Guidice flips tables on the RHONJ, but instead of doing that again she got a glass of wine. 

Then she sat there, head in hands. Thinking the same thought every other business owner has had.

"I don't know what the fuck I'm doing."

It's true. We don't have all the answers all the time. And they don't teach this in college. At least not to interior designers. Maybe they teach it to some nerdy people but not to interior designers.

So, before you go and hire Teddy, your friendly neighborhood nerd boy I've got your hot trick right here that will be bringing all the boys to your yard. Or rather your virtual pad which may or may not have a yard.

You need to learn how to optimize photos for SEO. You and I both know that you like to search the Mr. Google's images. And so do your clients. Help your clients out by naming your photos correctly so they can find you and fall in love.

Step #1:

Before you upload that gorgeous room you designed, don't leave the file name all gobbledygook.jpg. Look at your picture and think of the proper descriptive phrase that someone would use.

Step #2:

A phrase like: How-to-decorate-your-bedroom-like-a-hotel.jpg is so way bueno.

Step #3A:

If you're using Wordpress, make sure you fill in all the 411... like the title, ALT text and the description.


Step #3B:

If you're using Squarespace, fill in the file name box.


I wish I could tell you this is the only SEO trick you need to learn how to optimize your photos for SEO, but there are so much more that I share in my SEO Course inside the Society. Learning this skill will save you from having to rub elbows with dweeby little tech nerds and grow your business exponentially because you know your business better than anyone else.