How To Name A Business Like A Boss


I hear you're starting on a new journey and you need to know how to name a business, like yesterday. I'm probably sure you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders right about now. What if you pick the wrong name? Will it stand the test of time? What if my business changes, then what?

Picking the perfect name for your business doesn't have to be the thing that keeps you circling the cul-de-sac of indecision. You're just coming out of the gate and please don't feel like this is as important as naming your child. You can always change it down the road if you need to as you discover more about what your business is about. And believe me, this entire business of yours is going to go through more changes than a Kardashian's ass.

How To Name A Business Without Screwing Yourself In The Future

If you're totally committed to finding the perfect name right now you are going to have to take some time. Maybe even hire a copywriting company to help you flesh out your ideas. If you're bootstrapping this, then time is on your side and you could go the super easy route. Use your name. 

My first business was my initials: AJW Design Co. Then I thought that is wasn't descriptive enough and went with Alycia Wicker Design. Yeah, I'm sure that send shock waves out into the universe. Not. 

When I decided to shift gears, I chose the nickname we called our shelter dog... Mupplebee. Nobody in the world knew what the hell a Mupplebee was, but I didn't care. It worked for that period and business.

Now, what am I using? My name. If you don't want to dance around this like you're walking on coals at  Tony Robbins' fire-walking exercise, just use your name and move on with putting in your business foundation.

How To Name A Business Without Using Your Name

There are times when you haven't been blessed with an easy name to spell or pronounce. I get it. I never could find my name on a souvenir key chain. You have some other options here. If you can shorten your first or last name like Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) then do that. 

How To Name A Business Without Sounding Like Some Stupid Unicorn Worshipping Nimrod

The worst thing you can do is name your business with a weird fucking name that makes people go WTF? It is always to be clear instead of being clever. 

You're overwhelmed because you're trying to be creative... and yes, you are. However, as creatives sometimes this makes us so frustrated because we think we can come up with something ah-mazing and that is when we realize that we're not wordsmiths. 

Naming your business  Shit Pickles today might be hilarious and funny, but years from now you may be totally embarrassed with that name. 

Here's How To Name A Business, period.

Just pick something and move on. Too many creative business owners feel like this is life and death. This, nor your logo is the life or death of your business. You know what is?


Without sales, you don't have a business and the name won't matter when you're out of business.