How To Market Yourself So People Actually Give A Fuck


Dear Alycia,

My biggest struggle is struggling with people who have unrealistic expectations of what it really costs to design and/or renovate their homes. I'm starting to wonder if these people are on drugs, seriously! 

I need clients that a) have shit loads of money, b) understand that we will need to spend their money to make their design happen, c) I don't have to go looking for and d) trust me. 

I get that I need to be online but all I wanna do is do design work while I sip on my Chai Latte. Anything that I would have to do with marketing makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out with a pencil. 

I'm so over all the phony bullshit I see on social media. The whole just add water and instantly a room is done reality we live in has made it harder to find the clients who value the service that I offer. 

Last, I'm not looking to be a baller millionaire. I just want some consistent income from clients who get it.


Oh Ferdinand (not his real name), I get it. I'd say 99% of us would love to just design and leave the tom foolery of the social media marketing behind. But, that's not an option. It's the necessary evil but there are ways you can do it without making it your full time job leaving you more time to design. 

I, like you, would rather sit here in my mausoleum (that's what I call my office) and do the fun stuff all day. Instead I have to do things like write blog posts and get people to my website so they can pay me money. 

You're right. There is a lot of fake ass shit online and it can make the task of marketing seem pointless as clients have these made up realities of what it really takes to create their dream homes. 

What I can sense about you is that you have a message to share. One of the truths about how design works in the real world. That message you shared with me will cut through the noise out there.

So, while you will need to do some marketing let me share with you what I'm doing. I don't spend hours online marketing my business. I spend hours online watching Wendy Williams YouTube videos but that's neither here nor there. 

Okay, so are you ready? Good.

  1. I spend one day a month writing blog posts that are scheduled to come out once a week.

  2. I pin those blog posts to Pinterest.

  3. I use Boardbooster to repin my own Pins to get new eyeballs on my older content and use Tailwind to schedule other pins that my clients are interested in.

That's it. I've spent the time to do keyword research so that 50% of my traffic comes to my website vis search engines and almost the other half of my traffic comes from Pinterest. 

I don't fool with Facebook anymore. Instagram is on it's way out of my rotation, too. I'm on Twitter, but not to market my business. 

The foundation I've built with the content I've created on my website and the content that I've shared on Pinterest continues to grow my business. 

The key here is that I speak the truth and people love that. When you start speaking the truth about your thoughts on design and what people really need to hear, you'll find yourself standing out while in the middle of the sea of sameness.