How To Make Your Interior Design Business Stand Out


I bet we can agree that with HGTV, DIY and every other annoying design show on television, it's hard to figure out make your interior design business stand out in a saturated market.

It turns out that you do have an opportunity to make your design business stand out in a sea of sameness.

Yes, even when it feels like there are a bunch of people already tapping into the market you want to break through in. Here's why you can...

You have a unique way of doing what you do and no one can do it like you.

For a moment, think about the products that you use every day. Why do you use them? I, for instance, use a serum and moisturizer every day that's natural and made in the USA. That is important to me. The formula is also important to me because not everything I put on my skin absorbs in the same way. 

You know how it goes, you try a product that your friend raves about, but come to find out it doesn't work as well for you. Does that mean that the product that your friend uses sucks? Nope, it just means it's not the product for you. 

The same can be said for your design business. Your design style isn't for everyone. Your process isn't for everyone. Your price point isn't for everyone. The way you see things will not vibe with everyone. You do not (and should not) be the designer for everyone. That is where your advantage lies. 

It does not matter a hill of beans who your "competition" is - your job is to make your interior design business stand out.

You stand out when you cut through the noise. Stop regurgitating what every other designer is saying like "I believe every homeowner deserves" (gag!). Use your own words to connect with your dream clients by saying what is on their minds.

You stand out when you by addressing a gap in the market. If shiplap is all the rage (please let it die), then lead the charge against it and create your own trend.

You stand out when you have a niche. Get real specific with your niche. There will be a group of dream clients who are not being served like home-based entrepreneurs with a need for an awesome space to film their videos. 

You stand out when you have a signature design service. The process you use will make you more profitable and when you client benefits they'll start singing your praises.

You stand out when you play hard to get. Desperate doesn't sell a thing so don't be so easily accessible. If they are serious about working with you, let them show you that they are so you don't end up wasting time on the tire kickers from hell.

Your dream clients could be hiring your competition because they haven't found you. When they see that you have created an offer especially for them, they'll happily hire you.

That's how to make your interior design business stand out - you focus on that niche client who needs exactly what you want, not the same boring shit that everyone else is offering.