How To Make Your Business Stand Out Online


If you don't know how to make your business stand out online, your sales are gonna be dismal.

You have to get out of your own way and show up.

But maybe you're too busy listening to that voice in your head that tells you that you can't do this.

The voice that starts as a whisper and grows into a loud annoying piece of shit who won't let you step out of your comfort zone.

That voice will grow stronger as long as you feed into its fear.

That little pissant of a voice doesn't want you to find freedom. 

It wants you to play small. To not rock the boat. To do what others do. To play small and not be seen.

Why are you giving this voice any attention? 

This voice is keeping you from what you know you are born to do.

You are born to kick ass. To stand out from the crowd. To be a leader. To show the world what they're missing out on. 

If you refuse to do this, you aren't living your purpose. Is that what you really want?

Do you want to let your legacy be one of playing small, giving in and being seen instead of heard?

No. This is not how it's gonna be. 

You will not give into that wimpy ass voice. You will fight and get what you deserve.

You deserve freedom. You deserve money. You deserve it all. 

It's not reserved for the special people with glamour shots, fake online personalities, nitwits who know less than you, the people with connections or the rest of it. 

You have something that the world needs but you're too scared to show up.

You're worried that someone will judge you. You're worried that someone will send you a mean email. You're worried that a client won't pay you. You're worried that a client will take advantage of you. You're worried that you won't get clients. You're worried that no one will get what you're doing. You're worried that your dream will die. 

All legitimate worries. None of them will fill your bank account.

How to make your business stand out online? Let us see inside your world. Let us see the real you. Let us get to know you. Your business is a promise of an experience, so let us get a glimpse of what you're really like, not the person hiding behind the screen. You're making it harder for us to see what that experience could be like.