The Quick & Easy Way To Make Mood Boards
how-to-make-mood-boards- (1).png

Years ago making a mood board was a painful task. I would have to go and save the images of the pieces I would be using in the project to a folder on my computer.

Then I would open up an Excel spreadsheet where I would number each item, document the information for the item along with the HTML link of where I found the item online.

After that I would go through my image folder and import them into a word document. Then add in the number for each item I specified so it could be cross referenced on the shopping list.

After that it was all about exporting and bringing all the items into a document that I said as a PDF I could send to my clients.

Talk about a long and painful process. I’d rather listen to Eileen from the Real Housewives complain about how she deserves an apology from Lisa Vanderpump on repeat.

Now life is sooooo much easier. Mydoma, my favorite design platform that allows you to create mood boards and shopping lists all at the same time. Talk about smart multitasking. No need to have multiple programs to help you get your work done.

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in online marketing strategies.Her clients land more of their own dream clients and make more cash, period. Celebrity gossip whore. Elvis-obsessed.