How to Make Money on Etsy Selling Interior Design Services


It's a summer afternoon and you've set aside 20 minutes to pick out the perfect color scheme for Horencia's home.

Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams. Maybe Dunn Edwards? (Why do they all have two names? Odd. I guess when I create a paint company I'll call with Wicker-Legg... my married and maiden name all backwards for funniness- ha!)

Back to picking paint colors. Today we go with Benjamin Moore. So, you pick out the main wall color and a couple accents... just in case. Oh, and mustn't forget little Stanley's room. That lil bugger is such a bundle of energy (code for cray-cray kid).

You pick a few more colors to round out the selection.

That was easy.

Wait, did we just decide picking paint colors was easy? Wait. Wait. We are on to something. It's easy. It's kinda fun, right? This right here could be a good little money maker. We may have just discovered a...

Quick Way to Make $$$ on Etsy

You've heard of Etsy, right? It's like the friendly & artsy version of eBay. You create a shop and add items to your shop. When clients see what you are selling, they click to buy and pay you usually thru PayPal. You could do the whole have them send you a check deal, but you want dinero now. Right?

Their fees to list items in your shop are fairly affordable. And you can upload images of your services right into their website. No need for hosting the images elsewhere.

Sell Interior Design Services on Etsy

Sell Interior Design Services on Etsy

What can you sell?

Your soul. Well, okay, not your soul, but your design work! Create 5 beautiful paint color palettes, make an image of the paint color palette and sell you clients a PDF with the paint colors specs.

You could create pre-made paint color palettes that may have your go-to no-fail paint color solutions. Maybe you create period paint color palettes. The possibilities are endless. To make your paint color palette more valuable how about you add a quick PDF report about how to best coordinate accessories with their new paint color palette? Maybe you include an inspirational photo?

From Etsy to Your Place

You can sell your services easily on Etsy and even if you have but one thing to sell, by doing this you can lead clients back to your website. Which means you can get them to poke around on your site, check out your portfolio, sign up for your newsletter, and fall head over heels in love with you. Sounds like a plan? Yes, yes it does... Let's make an action plan.

Steps to Getting Your Interior Design Business on Etsy Today

  1. Go to Etsy and get out your credit card.

  2. Sign Up for a free account.

  3. Name your shop (Use the name of your design business for consistency sake) and create a cute shop banner.

  4. Add your interior design service (this is what you need your credit card for, pay to list an item)

  5. Upload pictures of your work (you can share up to five images)

  6. Add keywords that your client would search for looking for your design service\

  7. Describe your interior design services in terms of BENEFITS, not features. What is your paint color palette going to do for them??

  8. Pick a price. Something that is fair to you and them. If it's a paint color palette, and it isn't custom maybe the price is lower and your custom service is more expensive. You can always look around the marketplace and see what other's are charging for a point of reference.

  9. Set your shop policies like are you giving refunds? Are you offering paint swatches mailed to their door? Are you offering table dances? Okay, scratch that. Unless you are and that would really be interesting!

  10. Get selling! Of course there are a few other steps in there that I skimmed over. No worries! Etsy thinks of everything you have ever wanted to know about selling in their marketplace. Click Here for their Etsy Seller Handbook.

  11. Spruce up your website. Make sure you have all your social media links working, your contact form is functioning and everything looks fabulous! Because if they don't buy today, they may buy tomorrow and you want everything looking just perfect so they have no reason to say "no".

Are you already selling interior design services on Etsy? Share your shop link in the comments!

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.