5 Fast Design Biz Fixes For When Your Bottom Line Is In The Toilet


My husband thinks this is a hobby, she wrote.

The thing no one tells you that when you decide to run your own interior design business is that 20% is design and 80% is all the rest. Not as glamorous as our clients think, right?

When you're getting to the shit or get off the pot stage with your design business I've got 5 tips to help you make more money in your interior design business.

Focus on your one thing.

Your one thing that brings you money. It's easy to get distracted by trying to market every service you offer, but you can't. Focus on the one thing that makes you the most money and push that. That should be your singular focus.

What are your income goals?

Do you know how to reach them? Do you know how close or far you actually are to them? Do you have monthly sales goals? Do you know how many clients you need each month to reach your goal?

I track my income every day and measure it against my monthly sales goal. When I work with my coaching clients, we analyze their goals and figure out how many clients they actually need to reach the goal. Sometimes we tend to exaggerate how difficult it can be to reach our goals if we can't look at them on paper. 

What's your sales funnel look like?

If it doesn't exist or it's not working hard enough for you, you need to figure out where the leaks are in your sales funnel. It's a crucial part to being successful as an interior designer and something we don't talk about that much.

What's your virtual pad doing for you?

Have you gotten a website review from either me or your friend? An objective eye can help you see where you can improve your bottom line by how you're presenting things on your website.

Benefits, not features.

Are you selling the benefits to working with you? A reason people hire interior designers is to save money. That's a feature. Turn it into a benefit. What's the benefit for your client to save money? So they can take that vacation to the Bahamas. You save them time... time for what? Time to spend with the kids and make memories.