How To Be The Million Dollar Decorator + Make Tons Of Money

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Do you think that you need to be a celebrity to make shit tons of money? Do you think that all of those people on HGTV had some magic beans that made them super special? 

They aren't more special than you are. Their ideas aren't better than yours. They didn't get the magic ticket to the land of success.

You are already perfect and good enough. So now what?

You have to sell yourself. And more so, sell your ideas. NOT your billable hours. You CANNOT get wealthy by selling the hours you work on a project. You CANNOT get wealthy by doing the same shit every other designer is doing. You CANNOT get wealthy if you don't put in the work and take motherfuckin' ACTION.

When you've gone to all the trouble to get someone to SEE you, you need to then SELL them on hiring YOU. You need to convey to them what the BENEFIT is to hiring you over Susie Q over there. 

Do you know what the benefit is to hiring you? If you don't, you'll never be able to sell yourself. And we both know there's awesome reasons to hire you. But are you telling people what those reasons are?

Beyond that you need to SHOW them what you can do. And here's where so many designers and decorators get hung up. 

I just got started and I don't have anything to share. 

Fine. Then you need to CREATE something to share. How do artists sell their work? They show people their sketches whether or not someone commissioned them or not. They show their doodles and random ideas. They show their work. And you need to, too. EVEN WHEN you haven't had a single client. 

So you do that by creating designs for clients that will rock their fucking socks off. You create designs that will impress them. You create designs that just came out of your mind. 

IF your IDEAS are brilliant, and that is what we're selling here, they will SEE it. But they have to SEE something. 

You cannot continue to use the excuse that you don't have anything in your portfolio because you haven't had a client yet. Not gonna fucking fly.

Create designs. Create a sample design presentation that will have your clients drooling. They get a sample of your work, you get to show off your mad skills and the world is a more beautiful place. 

But I don't know how and I'm not tech savvy.

Don't care. You will learn. It's not as hard as you think and if you let that limiting belief hold you back, why the hell are you starting a business to begin with?

You can learn. It's not that hard. We're not putting a space shuttle into space. We're creating pretty places, on a computer. It doesn't have to take hours. Seriously.


See that up there? The floor plan took 15 minutes. 15 minutes to add the furniture and get the correct finishes and colors in the space. Creating this dollhouse view? 2 seconds. Seriously. I'm not shitting you. The software I'm using in the course shown below is the affordable Home Designer Architectural from Chief Architect. It works just fine on my Mac.  

Beyond that, I will show you how to put a complete design package together in under 2 hours flat. It's easy and you need to know how to do this so people can see what you can do and pay you what you WANT. Not what they want, but what you demand. 

Grab the step-by-step training now and become the baller VIP million dollar decorator. Take ACTION. No more excuses. You CAN do this, and I'll show you how.