How To Make Money NOW As An Interior Decorator

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Wondering how to make money as an interior decorator or better yet, how long until that money starts rolling in? This was a question that came up in the Society Q + A day.

It's hard to answer that question because there's so much that goes on when you're growing and marketing your interior design business.

I think advertising is one of those things that is left out of the discussion - a lot. When I was running my design business, I advertised in magazines or local newspapers. That netted me a couple clients so in terms of getting my ROI - I broke even. That's not a great bang for your buck.

Instead, I would suggest doing Facebook Ads or go do some Google pay per click ads if you want to accelerate your growth and get the money to come in a lot quicker. 

Once you get these ads going (because you know exactly what your client's needs are like the back of your hand) you will need to make sure your ad is converting. And that's why I love Facebook Ads... within a couple days, you'll know if you're on the right track without waiting a month to see if your magazine ad worked. (We've got a cheat sheet in the Society for you to use to refine your Facebook Ads.)

When you run an ad...

  • Are your ads targeted to the right people?

  • Do you know what your client actually wants? Are you speaking directly to that?

  • Do you have an autoresponder in place?

  • Are you nurturing the lead?

A lot of this depends on making sure that you're offering something to your ideal client, that they want. What does a client want? When you really nail down what the client wants, the marketing becomes easier.

You can do the hard work, you can optimize your website, promote and you can definitely bootstrap it, but I will say that advertising will accelerate getting the money rolling in quicker. 

Have you started running any Facebook Ads yet? I will tell you that it's been one of the best things I've done for my business. Let me know in the comments!