How To Make An Interior Designer Website That's Irresistible

how to make a website for interior design

Wondering how to make an interior designer website that's irresistible to your dream clients? Your website gives everyone who visits an idea about you and your business. Let's take a little trip over to Linda's website.

Welcome to Linda's Design Studio.

Linda found herself a plain website template because she is all about clean spaces. Problem is her website is a bit too clean. There isn't enough content there to make a connection with Linda. Let's pretend we are a client and take a stroll through her website.

Typical Vanilla Websites Don't Sell

Her website is to the point, sorta. She has the standard web navigation, but nothing is peeping out with a personality. Home, Services and Contact are the only choices in the navigation menu.

You go to her “About” page with hopes that you can judge what kind of designer Linda is by her picture. The picture is from the 70s, her big ass hair-mullet-thing is rocking, but her bunk eyes alarm you. You always heard about people with crazy eyes like that are killers.

You read her bio but it is flat and boring. She has all the credentials but she doesn't have that many clients. If you were going to hire a designer, I'm guessin' that Linda would be pretty far down the list.

Bad Websites Don't Sell

Linda knew she needed a website up. So that's what she did. She just didn't know how important it was to have one that made a connection with her dream client.

Her online space doesn't draw clients in, it just repels them. And it's not like Linda is a bad designer, but if you want to make a connection with a client, you've got 8 seconds to do it. She lost her chance.


Linda didn't value the impact her website would make on her visitors. They were looking for a personality and to make a connection.

Think about this. More and more we are on our smart phones and tablets making new friends online. We do more business online than ever before. That trend is just going to continue to build. If you don't have a website that inspires someone to reach out, it's gonna be hard to make client "love matches".

Are You Ready To Stop Being Boring Vanilla?

Do you have your own version of Linda's boring website on your hands with your design business? Know how to make your interior design website irresistible to your dream clients?

How To Make An Interior Designer Website That's Irresistible Tip #1:

Appeal to their emotions.

Do you empathize with where they are right now? Are they having fights with their husband over the living room? Are they depressed because they are getting old and the thought of remodeling the entire house is simply out of the question? What are the problem thoughts that they are struggling with?

How To Make An Interior Designer Website That's Irresistible Tip #2:

Get excited.

Are you excited about the solution you provide? Do you convey to your dream client that they don't need to be depressed anymore about their sad situation? They just found you! The answers to their prayers. Be the light and show them how excited you are to help them.

How To Make An Interior Designer Website That's Irresistible #3:

Show them the result.

You've shown them you feel their pain and you are excited to share your solution with them. Now is the time to break out the solution. Take them from "Eff this shit" to "I gotta hire this chick!"

When you have your very own irresistible interior designer website that attracts clients instead of one that makes people click off of it, you're going to start getting the interior design clients you can't wait to help.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.