3 Juicy Tips On How To Get New Interior Design Clients


How To Get New Interior Design Clients

You can't sleep. You aren't hungry. You're mind is just racing all.the.time. Why? Because that's all you say to yourself (on annoying repeat like a 5 year old). It's like you're Winnie the Pooh sitting there with your thinking cap on and you never take it off.

Before I give you a few things to do, you have to promise me one thing. Get off your ass and do it. Whatever it is. Thinking about it doesn't make it happen. Capiche? Good.

Offer free 15 minute consults.

I know, I can hear you bitchin' now. But I don't wanna work for free.

Look, sometimes you gotta give before you get. And by talking on the phone to at least three people a day will get your name out there. Added benefit? You get to hear what your clients are struggling with so you can refine your marketing messages further. Schweet!

Create an email autoresponder series and sell something at the end.

You know that free eBook you created for your dream clients to download and then they don't hear from you for like a couple weeks until your next newsletter comes out? Well, they already forgot about you and are totally liable to mark you as spam when you hit their inbox again. All because they forgot who the eff you were. Oops?

Instead write a series of emails (or better yet get over your fear, buttercup, and record a series of videos) to send out to your new email list subscribers each and every day that are full of delicious tips to help them. You get them in the habit of opening your emails and even though you may be miles away, you're starting to build a relationship. *cue the angels*

Did you even ask for the sale?

Yeah, I know you have a buy now button, but like... you have to tell people what the eff to do. Think about your sales page for your design service as a commercial TV ad. What do they do at the end of the commercial? They tell you to: Buy Now.

I know you think putting a buy now button is all "duh obvs", but it's not. Be clear and direct your peeps.

Join in the convo.

Like even though we would love nothing more than to lurk behind our screens, it doesn't get our name out there. You know all those convos you have in your head, we can't hear them.

So when you see a post where someone on social media asks: "What do you think, should I paint my brick fireplace?"

Instead of thinking to yourself: "WTF?! Nonononono! You never effing paint brick. Well, unless it's 70s brick and something you'd see in a low budget pizza place where they are shooting a porn after hours" why not answer that person and start a convo.

You can leave out that part about shooting porn, but you get the idea. They may not agree with you and that's okay. Just share your opinion.

There are tons of strategies all about how to get new interior design clients. I find that when I'm coaching my interior designer clients that sometimes we just get really lost in our own heads. We think we've tried everything. And sometimes we really haven't. We just thought about it. So go out there and try something (even if you think you tried it before and you so damn sure it isn't going to work). It might just work ;)