Steal This Trick - The #1 Secret To Get More Blog Readers

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I'm going to share with you one of my best tips so you can learn how to get more interior design blog readers. This might seem totally weird, but go and Google the covers of Cosmo magazines.

No one reads your interior design blog because you haven't piqued their curiosity

Everything you write starts with first writing about something your client wants to read. Second is to actually get them to read it. 

In fact, the same thing goes for your email newsletters. If your subject line is yawnsville, ain't nobody gonna open it. 

Why? Because these word formulas work. But you're not writing about sex, or relationships, etc... but you can tweak them for your own purposes.

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So, How Do You Get More Interior Design Blog Readers?

Switch out the words that Cosmo uses on their covers. This is how they get you to buy their magazine, right? They use what's known as "Swipe Files". And their headlines work. 

Below I show you Cosmo magazine headlines and then I switch them out with the words in italics for your interior design blog.

Cosmo: Revamp your closet with 8 sexy pieces
Yours: Revamp your bedroom with these 8 sexy pieces of furniture


Cosmo: Outsmart An Attacker
Yours: Outsmart The Contractor/Furniture Store/Paint Guy

Your Action Plan To Get More Blog Readers...

Your assignment, my petite kumquat, is to go Google Cosmo magazine covers and then come up with some awesome titles for your blog posts that will get your peeps clicking and reading! Bonus points if you share your cleverness in the comments with a link to your sexy blog post!