25 Tips On How To Get Clients As An Interior Designer

It seems like it's a question that so many ask and never find the answer they're looking for. How to get clients as a interior designer? It's asked over and over again and the answer is as elusive as Big Foot. I mean you could read a thousand blog posts and never get the answer you're looking for.

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And maybe that's the problem.

We're always looking for that simple solution. The simple answer that we figure we're missing. I mean, you could read all those blog posts and still never find the answer to it.

You know why that is? Because there isn't a simple answer.

I could tell you to create a design service as the answer to a client's problem. But you wouldn't like that answer. That's too easy.

I could tell you to define who you want to work with and what you do. But you wouldn't like that answer. That's too hard to nail down.

I could tell you to stand out in the market by being yourself. But you wouldn't like that answer. That's too hard to be "that real".

How to get clients as an interior designer? Try this when your client drought happens. (Because that's usually when designers start asking this, it's not when they're flooded with work.)

How To Get Clients As An Interior Designer

1. Optimize your website with SEO.

2. Write blog posts that matter.

3. Create a Facebook page that people will give a shit about and stop making it all about you.

4. Rebrand your business so it looks professional.

5. Create an editorial calendar around your design services.

6. Create a Pinterest account that looks like curated, not like a hot mess.

7. Start an Instagram account and share a glimpse inside your business life along with pictures of pretty stuff.

8. Build relationships. You don't have to join the Chamber of Commerce. There are relationships that you can start online.

9. Focus on where your website traffic is coming from and if you're getting business from it.

10. Be consistent with your marketing.

11. Get the balls to speak directly to your ideal client and ask them what they want. Asking your colleagues isn't good enough.

12. Join a mastermind and talk about new ways to market.

13. Do pro bono work when it's good to do it. Don't do a job for your neighbor Judas who just wants to use you.

14. Prequalify prospects. Don't talk to everyone for free.

15. Make sure your interior design website is awesome.

16. Set up and grow your email list.

17. Learn how to close the deal.

18. Get focused.

19. Stop acting like everyone else. Be you.

20. Create a passive income product.

21. Learn how to do copywriting.

22. Make sure your About page doesn't suck.

23. Stop following outdated business advice.

24. Focus on the client's experience.

25. Get crystal clear on your niche.

I totally wish I could tell you the easiest way to get interior design clients is to go to the end of the rainbow, shake down the leprechaun and take the pot of golden interior design clients. Except that doesn't happen in real life. Unless you're on some type of drug.

And with this list of tips, I don't want you to be the squirrely interior designer who tries to do all sorts of crazy shit at one time and then needs to start a meth addiction. I seem to be on a drug reference kick today. Anyway, you need to go back to tip #18 and focus.

Focus and strategy is key to this.