How To Brand Your Pinterest Boards


As designers we're visual creatures and we're not always thinking about our social media in the same way... but here's something that's really important about your Pinterest account.

It needs to have a cohesive look. A feel and vibe that is totally you.

You need to make sure that the cover images on your Pinterest boards have a cohesive feel.

Boards That Work

Here's a couple examples of a Pinterests boards that have a cohesive look. You can see how they have a certain feel and vibe. The visuals really speak to them and their brand.

So now think about your image style. Maybe you're not sure? Great time to get a glass of wine and create a secret Pinterest board to pin shit that speaks to your heart and is totally you. Then you can weed out the stuff that isn't really what you want for your brand image.

You're looking for the common thread that expresses you... so look at the colors, the styles, the types of photographs, the filters the photographs have on them.

Now, go back through your boards and you can see if you can select a "cover" image for your board that will help you relate all of your boards together in a visually pleasing way.

Have you already done this? I'd love to see your gorgeous Pinterest boards!