How To Become A Holistic Interior Designer - The Essential Guide

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I'm so excited for you right now! You're ready to discover how to become a holistic interior designer and embark on sharing your healing gifts with the world - and believe me - you are needed.

A holistic interior design business focuses use various healing modalities with the intent of balancing the mind, body, and soul to maintain homeostasis.

Know that starting your holistic interior design business isn't any different than starting any other company. While what you're offering is different than straight interior design, you are going to be running a business. Business is about relationships and making a profit.

And while I know that it seems weird to charge for the healing that comes from holistic design, understand that the energy you spend on helping your clients find balance in their life is valuable and therefore you should be compensated for it.

How you carry out helping the world through your work is up to you, but I believe that when you understand how to convey the value of what you are offering, you're going to stand out in an industry that's been sullied by HGTV and snooty designers.

How To Become A Holistic Interior Designer - The Overview

Pick a Niche

You got several options when it comes to selecting a niche for your holistic interior business. And believe me, you need a niche. There are so many different healing modalities that you can employ in your business that you should focus on one for now and should you decide to add others into the mix, fabulous. 

Within holistic interior design, you can focus on these dimensions of your client's wellness that you can improve through interior design: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual. All of these dimensions of wellness can be affected positively within the home.

For instance:

  • Physical

    • eating (kitchen)

    • exercise (home gym)

    • sleep (bedroom)

  • Emotional

    • seasonal affective disorder (home in general)

    • journaling (bedroom)

  • Social

    • dinner parties (dining room)

    • family visits (guest room)

    • creating memories (family room)

    • reading club (living room)

    • party (kitchen)

  • Spiritual

    • meditation (sacred space)

    • faith studies (reading nook)

  • Intellectual

    • learning (home office)

    • reading (library)

  • Environmental

    • use of green products

    • reducing carbon footprint

  • Career

    • satisfaction (home office)

    • self-respect (home office)

Some of these examples can happen in other parts of the house but are listed here this way just to give you an idea of how these essential dimensions of wellness are to holistic interior design.

Within the multiple dimensions of wellness, there are awesome healing modalities that tie in nicely with achieving balance for your clients utilizing holistic interior design.

Methods of Holistic Interior Design:

  • Feng Shui

    • An ancient Chinese art with the goal to balance spatial energy.

  • Color Therapy

    • Chromotherapy aimed to heal through the use of color.

  • Crystal Healing

    • Use of crystals to align, clear and transform energy.

  • Aromatherapy

    • Use of natural extracts from plants to promote well-being.

  • Sound Healing

    • Vibrational medicine to stimulate healing.

  • Light Therapy

    • Use of artificial light to improve circadian cycles and ease SAD symptoms.

  • Sustainability

    • Use of renewable resources and specifying products having a minimum impact on the environment.

  • Sacred Geometry

    • Sacred geometry used to evoke feelings of comfort and oneness.

  • Reiki

    • Clearing of energy in a space.

  • Astrology

    • Integrating natal chart information based on astrological signs.

  • Numerology

    • Using home address numbers to discern how to enhance your home based on its numerological number.

It can be a freeing experience when you look to other healing arts as inspiration for what you can bring to holistic interior design. Where things rooted in traditional interior design can feel trendy, soulless and constricting, allowing for how energy affects us and how to incorporate can be inspiring.

If you'd like to go down the rabbit hole, then I encourage you to check out the book Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber. This book opened my eyes when I started studying crystal healing, to all sorts of other exciting things when it comes to subtle-energy therapies.

Who Needs You?

Once you decide on how you can help, then you need to work out who needs your help. This truly goes beyond the basics of age and location. You need to figure out what balance your dream client is seeking, what type of lifestyle are they currently living, what changes are they looking to employ and how to help them achieve it.

Create Healing Offerings

Based on who your dream client is, you can then create an offering that will make their life better. And because you've taken the time to figure out who your dream client is, you're going to be able to speak directly to their heart.

You won't be trying to fit the way you market your offers into some ill-fitting strategy that you hate because you KNOW that you can help and since you're coming from a place of service, it will feel like a natural extension of who you are.

Marketing Holistic Interior Design

I think one of the most magical things about holistic interior design, beyond all of the magical ways you can be of service, is the ability to drop the pretense. You don't need to fit into some glamor-shot, faux persona that many interior designers try to squeeze themselves into. 

You're sharing how you can help, and because that comes from a place of love (and not judgment like how so much interior design is rooted in), that will be felt by the ones who need you.

How To Become A Holistic Interior Designer? Simply shift your thinking.

No certificate or degree will tell you how to become a holistic interior designer, and I think that is a beautiful thing. No one can certify energy healing, and I don't believe some outside group should quantify it. I encourage you to soak up as much knowledge and become a practitioner so that you can serve your clients at your highest vibration that allows them to find their balance.

When you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll receive your free guide "Your Holistic Interior Design Business Blueprint"  (I include all the steps, in order, to keep you on track) you'll see that, as with any business, setting it up for success from the start is essential.  

I encourage you to become a student of people and marketing. These skills will help you for years to come because when you can come from a place of service and also know how to communicate the value that you bring to your dream clients, you will be unstoppable and the competition becomes irrelevant.

Last, building a business takes time. Don't give up too soon and make sure that you're surrounded by people who understand the journey you're on. It's why I created the Society (which you can learn more about later on). Because when it seems like no one knows your business exists or you've encountered a nasty client, those who are on the same path will become the greatest champions in your life to keep you moving forward.

Grow Your Holistic Interior Design Business

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