How To Attract Interior Design Clients

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It's Friday night and instead of going out to some nice restaurant with your sweetie you're thinking about how to grow your business.

More importantly you're thinking: how to attract interior design clients.

You want to build a bank account that is so big and full that you could withdraw all of your money and roll around on the Benjamins. We've all had those fantasies.

If you wanna know how to attract interior design clients, you need some things like: 

Traffic >> Website >> Content >> Conversion

If you want more traffic, you're going to have to work on your search engine optimization (SEO) on your website (there's easy to understand training inside the Society).

The SEO you put into place on your website will help you to attract interior design clients for free, organically. You'll use the keywords on your website pages and on your blog posts to catch the attention of your clients. 

Only 2% of your clients will buy from you the first time they discover you.

20% of your interior design clients will take more than 12 months to buy from you.


But I know I'm talking to my dream client and saying all the right things, so why aren't they buying?

I have to respectfully say back to you... are you sure about that?

I have no idea what you've got going in to your entire business strategy (sorry, Dionne Warwick didn't renew my Psychic Friends Network membership). All I can tell you is that sales do take time and number two is that you might need to be open to having a kink in your system.

Here are 3 things you can do today to attract interior design clients.

Researching Them

Where are these mythical dream creatures er dream clients that you want to work with? They are going somewhere to find the answer to their decorating problems. Are they hanging out on Facebook?

Okay, good first place to look but Facebook is a big ol' place. So where specifically are they hanging out on Facebook? Are they on the HGTV page? Are they on the Houzz page? Where are they going to find a solution to their decorating problem (that you also have the solution to)?

But before you can even do that, you must niche down your services because you should not be designing for the world. You need to know what's going on in their mind. If you don't, you can't possibly have the design solution they are dying to get.

Start a Conversation

Clients don't just know you exist and more importantly let's say you found a dream client on the HGTV page and responded with a comment like this, I would have to disown you:

Hey everybody! I'm an interior designer and check out my website here:!!!!

Eff that noise. No, no, no. You have to build a relationship and that means if you see Sally talking about wishing she knew how to decorate her fireplace mantle, then let her know politely that you have a blog post (free resource to her) that tells her step by step how to do exactly that.

Then you see Sarah loves the pink on the walls of a particular room and would love to find a pink like that for her daughter's room. You could a) find a pink paint color for her (yes, for free) or you could direct her to your perfect pink color palette you created on Pinterest, which just happens to link back to your website.

And when they get on your website, you will need to direct them to what they should do next aka every page of your website must have a call to action. You're the hostess of your website, so don't let them get lost.

And hopefully the call to action is to sign up for your email list to continue the convo.

Reaching out in the genuine and helpful way is always the best way. And it doesn't have to be one Facebook. Get creative and think of the other places your clients are hanging out. Maybe they are in your neighborhood and would love to take a decorating class. Your dream clients are out there, you just to learn how to attract interior design clients the smart way.

Create Just One Design Service

The next part is you need a design service to sell. And if you've never had a client, don't make this design service the granddaddy of all design services. Make it easy for you to do and deliver.

Example: Paint color palette.

All you have to do is create a paint color palette. Get creative and start to think about the possibilities so it lights you up! Really.

When you're excited about creating an interior design business the ideas on how to attract interior design clients will flow with ease.

And here's the other sad truth I feel I have to say. Many designers won't do the hard work. Many designers will blame the economy, the President, the Congress, Wall Street and Justin Bieber.

You only have to look at the person in the mirror to see if you have the drive to succeed. I can teach you oh so many things, but if you don't think for yourself and figure out a way to overcome the obstacles that come up for you, maybe being a business owner isn't in the cards for you. #straighttalk