What Designers Can Teach You About Making Money (And Why You Gotta Ignore Them)

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How much does an interior designer make?

I'm betting the real answer you're looking for is how much money can you really make as an interior designer.


Let me guess? It's like feast or famine mode for you.

Design a project, market your business, design a project, market your business, design a project, and so the vicious cycle goes.

Or maybe it's you've got these mad design skills, but you're scared shitless to sell them (and yourself).

So when you're feeling like you need some support you go hang out with like-minded designers to get uplifted and get some justification that you are doing the right thing (or how you can actually do it).

And you happen to join a Facebook group that is filled with some of those nay-sayer interior designers.

I don't think it's possible to make money selling that.

I've never seen it done.

I highly doubt there is any money to be made that way.

When you can't sell, everything around you becomes a threat: Other people, lower prices, better websites, more clever names. - Ashley Ambirge

I am proud to say I'm not like other designers. And frankly, they just bug. #sorrynotsorry

I've been where you are, just hoping on a prayer that someone will buy what you're selling.

You know they need it. You know it will transform their lives. You know that you can help them.

And then crickets.

You can't figure out exactly what exactly will make your dream clients commit to buying from you.

So you ask your fellow designer (who at this point I can just let you know that they aren't your dream client and you should be asking *cough* your dream client instead).

Your fellow designer is sometimes a wolf in sheep's clothing.

They will give you a million and one opinions on why you're not selling. And they will usually end with this inspirational sign off:

It's not possible to sell that.

Um, never heard of anyone ever doing that, uh good luck with that, hun.

I don't know how you could be too profitable doing that.

First, remember opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.

While I firmly believe there are more awesome designers, like you, in the world - there are a few a-hole designers. And I'm not even sure they know that they are Negative Nellies. But they are out there. You've probably encountered a few. Even though the design community likes to pretend it's all rainbows and glitter. *cough*bullshit*cough*

Second, if you want to make more money, surround yourself with others who do, too.

You aren't going to be successful until you start hanging around with those like minded designers who really want to be helpful and see you succeed. The kind of designers you need around you are the ones who aren't going to shit on your business, your vision, your rates, your design work or your niche. They may have constructive criticism, but we all know the diff between someone being helpful and someone who is just trying to claw your ass down to their level.

Third, stay in your own lane.

There is only so much advice you can sit around and absorb from your fellow designer. You need to take action. If you sit there and just wait for the magical piece of advice that is really going to inspire and change your world, you're never going to make the buttloads of money you dream of.

You wanna know how much does an interior designer make?

Or rather how much you can make as an interior designer?

The sky's the limit, dahling. But you got to get off your ass (and the Facebook groups) and make shit happen.

Your bank account isn't going to be filled to the brim with Benjamins until you get damn sure on the value you provide and to whom.

I'm sorry to tell you that without action you're not gonna get the results you've been dreaming of. Okay, I'm not really. I want you to fight for it. No one is just going to hand you fistfuls of cash until you take action.

Your homework:

  1. Set a goal.

  2. Set a date to reach your goal.

  3. Write down the steps to get there.

  4. You must take action to get there. Here's some ideas to get your started.

  5. Decide what you're selling.

  6. Figure out who you're selling to.

  7. Communicate that value to your dream client.

Then, take action:

  1. Set up a Facebook group to build your tribe.

  2. Blog (or record videos) about what you do.

  3. Build your email list (think: webinars, free reports - that aren't boring or like everyone else's, Pinterest boards that help your clients, blogging)

  4. Say what other designers won't.

  5. Know that what you have to say matters. (And believe it)

  6. Set aside time everyday to work on marketing your business.

No one has a cupboard with the code to your success. It's a path you must blaze yourself. So what are you waiting for?