Why Being Brutally Honest Is The Only Way You Can Be


It recently occurred to me that I'm different. And we are all different. I just mean in the way that I feel like if I'm not brutally honest I will explode. Effing explode.

There are those times when I do stifle myself, but I know I will make all sorts of weird faces that begs people to ask me what's with the weird face. Then I end up saying whatever it is that I can't keep to myself.

This is also the reason my clients hire me.

From when I was an interior designer to now working with interior designers, I just keep it real. People appreciate that.

I hate bullshit and people who live in some weird effing la-la land. I get enough of that living in California and that's why I really hate it here.

So when I recently ran a new ad to build my email list I was surprised how quickly I got results on it. And then it was like "Fucking DUH!"

I was being honest and people got it.

So while you go and sell your design services, don't just skim over the benefits. Make it real personal.

It's not a room makeover.

It's called - I'm gonna design a room so effing beautiful that your mother-in-law is gonna hate you even more. And you'll have a perma-smirk at no extra-charge.

It's called - I'm gonna design a room so sexy that your husband will stop watching porn and you'll become his nightly entertainment.

It's called - I'm gonna design a family room that's so organized that you won't have to have those fantasies of sending your kids off to boarding school.

Get real. Say the shit people only think about and are too afraid to say out loud in our PC ridden lives.