Holistic Interior Design Is The Future


Holistic interior design is the future. For years, the majority of folks have been obsessed with how a space looks and functions. Or if it looks better than Mrs. Jones space.

We are pivoting to a time where we want to live in spaces that support us not just from a functional and visually appealing way but to a space that can also support our spiritual journey.

Our spiritual journey is so much more than just faith. It's about the connection to our community, our friends, our creativity, our purpose and how we take care of ourselves. 

The interior design and decorating industry is transitioning to a more holistic approach. I'd say it started with the sustainability and green design movements. However, they didn't seem to gain as much traction as hoped for because when we come back to it, humans are selfish little fucks. 

Knowing that human nature is all about number one, it makes sense why the holistic interior design revolution is the future

If you take a minute and look around, you'll see that things that once seemed witchy and woo-woo are now commonplace. Essential oils, massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation, feng shui, color therapy, and crystal healing (my favorite) are everywhere you look. Even Kim Kardashian has capitalized on crystals when it comes to her perfume line. 

How To Incorporate Holistic Interior Design Into Your Business

Think about the way in which your design work helps people to rejuvenate, recharge and support their deepest desires. Whether that's the mom-cave or the sanctuary. The intention behind the space will guide the design for the healing. 

Healing in terms of holistic practices doesn't have to be a bid old deal. Healing can be to having a space in which to read and get your mind off of the day you've had or healing to creating spaces where a family can truly connect to one another without distractions. 

Holistic interior design today takes into account what your client wants to feel when they are in the room. It also takes into account how they want to express themselves and feel in harmony.

To discover the deeper needs of your client you'll need to dig in deeper to what goals, dreams and spiritual thoughts your client wants to explore and how you can help them accomplish it with your creative genius.

Holistic interior design is simply translating what your client needs to express on a soul level to feel at peace in their home.

How amazing is it to think that you can help people heal? Whether it is to heal them from a long day of work by boosting their mood or making relaxation easier or finally creating a space to help them make the time for that hobby they've been interested in. 

Wanna go down the rabbit hole?

Everything is an expression of God. You, me and what we create. Finding the sweet spot where what you do naturally is in service to helping another live their best life is the shift that is happening now. 

We're becoming very aware of our purpose and it's inspiring a spiritual awakening within many of us. We're starting to not care about others opinions as they relate to us. We realize that time is short and knowing that experiencing joy isn't just a pipe dream because we know that we're ready to experience it.

Just look at the recent news where Kanye is starting to make it known that his blinders are off in terms of living a life on his terms. And your terms as well, where we cared so much about what others believe about us. Whether this is a marketing ploy or not, it is reinforcing in those who are ready to change that it is okay to think freely.

Everyone comes from a different space of spiritual awareness where what I feel and what you feel may not be the same, but they are both correct. When we recognize that we must hear each other and break free from the things we were told about ourselves things are going to change big time.

That is an important point because I've worked with quite a few designers who felt that their expertise and eye for design superseded what the client's needs or dreams for their own space. What if all designers and decorators came from a place of not needing to cling to the "rules" of design, but instead translated what your client is trying to express on a deeper level?

Knowing that our conscious awareness is growing, it is so important to realize that the places where we live support our spiritual growth. Because we can't physically feel or see the things that affect our vibration, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. When we let go of the notion that we can't document or prove those things that are related to supporting our spiritual awakening doesn't mean that it doesn't exist or isn't an important aspect of design to offer.

You may be one who is finding a constant dissatisfaction with the way your design business is heading and this is resonating with you. If you've been living in a state of conflict where you're stuck in the duality of what you thought decorating/ interior design had to be with what you know deep down and how it can change lives on a deeper level, this should alert you that it is no coincidence that you are reading this. 

To add on to that, knowing that the reason you've been feeling out of sync with your purpose and building your design business has become terribly difficult means that now is the time that you can choose to fully, and truly create the authentic vision of how you want your design business to be of service to others. 

You can shed the persona of who they told you that you had to be. You can shed the false constrictions and beliefs that imparted to you about how you were to conduct yourself. You can allow yourself to be.

If youโ€™re ready to stop playing small, serve the world authentically without fear and finally take your business to the next level then I'd invite you to delve deeper and see if a holistic approach to interior design and decorating resonates with you. Knowing that if it resonates with you, it will resonate with your dream client. 

Holistic interior design is not only about design the spaces for your clients, but finding a holistic design solution for yourself and business that support your life's purpose.