How to Hire a Virtual Interior Design Assistant That Doesn't Eat Tide Pods

How to Hire a Virtual Interior Design Assistant.png

At some point in your business, you will need help. That person shouldn't be a dummy that eats Tide Pods. 

From experience, let me tell you that the search to find good, reliable help is a job for Jesus. You'll often find yourself going through resumes and cover letters that really do look like they've come from people who live on a diet of Tide Pods.

Some of their "qualifications" are ridiculous like their ability to:

  • Use a laptop

  • Use the internet

  • Type 7 words per minute, and

  • Use those complex keystrokes like Ctrl+F

As busy business people, wading through these resumes from peeps who couldn't pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel wastes our time. 

Before you ever get a single resume in your inbox, I've got some tips for you and where you can find legitimate help.

Before you hire a virtual assistant

  1. Make a list of duties you will expect your new assistant to take care of.

  2. Document how the work is to be completed. If you can create walk-through screencast videos or write out the steps, you'll be able to have those in place should you need to hire another assistant later.

  3. Pick the tools you'll use to coordinate.

*There's a masterclass inside the Society on how to get your business ready for your assistant

Create A Job Description

  • Make a list of the duties you want the assistant to take care of.

  • What apps/software will they be using?

  • What skills and experience do they need to have?

  • How many hours will you estimate that you will need them to work?

  • Language requirements.

  • What references do you need about their work?

  • Decide on how much you'll be paying them.

You'll also want to get your systems in place for tracking the tasks your assistant will be working on. Definitely check out Asana, DropBox, and Hiver.

Where to find a virtual assistant

You could do a search on Mr. Google, but you will likely end up with 96% Tide Pod applicants in your inbox. Instead, you should check out Worldwide 101. 

I had a great conversation with Audrey at Worldwide 101. What is different with their company is that they actually have assistants that have worked with interior designers. They can help you with:

  • Coordinating with your clients

  • Initiating and ordering products

  • Communicating with vendors

  • Scheduling shipping and deliveries

  • Liaising with photographers and design shows

  • Following through on damage claims

  • Managing your ordering

  • Bookkeeping software

  • Social media content creation + scheduling

  • Wordpress Admin

  • Email marketing

  • Newsletters


Their assistants are based in the US and you'll get personally matched with with an assistant that you vibe with. Best part? Their assistants have at least 7 years experience in administration and project management.  

Audrey was kind enough to share with me a discount code for you. You'll get 20% off the first month of the plan you choose when you use my code: AW20 at this link