Here’s a Quick Way to Get More People on Your Email List


You have an email list right?

Right. Of course you do because with marketing your interior design business you must have an email list. Period.

It's the only consistent way you are going to build a relationship with your peeps.

See with an interior design business your potential clients are here on the internet. They aren't at your chamber of commerce networking events. (I swear those events only seem to have 52 Realtors who aren't interested in your services because you would be just taking money out of their pocket -- but I have an idea for getting business from your sour real estate agent, but that's for another time).

So once people find out about you, they want to stay in contact with you. But you have to rope them in a bit with a good ol' giveaway.

Yes, make something awesome and give it away for free. Don't be stingy now, either.

Here are a few reasons someone might sign up for your email list.

  • You give them a free tool for them to use in their home like a space plan kit

  • You give them a free taste of your design skills with a free paint color palette for any living room

  • You create an series of design posts to make their life easier, like a 5 part series on selecting quality furniture

  • You are an entertaining writer and your blog posts sent swiftly to their inbox is all they need

You want your freebie to be awesome, not just 'eh'.

I want you to start thinking about a freebie you could use to entice people to sign up for your list that is so awesome you could be charging money for it but you aren’t because you’re awesome like that and want to prove your awesomeness.

So tell me in the comments, what you think would be a something your dream client would be salivating to get for free from an awesome designer such as yourself?