How To Grow Your Holistic Interior Design Business

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Holistic interior design is going to be the next "big" thing. I mean I totally see that there will be shows on HGTV bastardizing it, but it is going to be a thing. 

Think about it, they’ll come up with a slew of shows where each one is hosted by some ditz who rings her Sacral Chakra bowl as she walks around the home feeling all the vibes.

So before HGTV goes and fucks this all up, let's get our shit together and grow your holistic interior design business.

For a minute, let's get real about all of this. Holistic interior design shouldn't be a niche that you land on like you're spinning the "Wheel of Fortune."

A true holistic interior designer has one goal in mind when they work with a client, and that is to create a therapeutic space so their clients can get back into a state of balance. Whether that state of is related to their health, their relationships, or what have you.

The way a designer does this is through a mostly intuitive process. Yes, there are questionnaires and styles to be reviewed, BUT a holistic interior designer is more woo-woo than your average designer.

Holistic interior designers aren't concerned about all the 3D level bullshit in the world. Wha-wha-what?! Oh, did I throw you for a curveball? Yeah, we're not talking 3D renderings here. We're going deep and woo-woo.

Holistic interior designers live in a different state of consciousness than most designers. Most are living in the 3D state of consciousness but you, the holistic designer knows there is so much more.

People who live in a state of 3D consciousness are living in a state of fear. It shows up as thinking there is competition, clinging to the degrees and certifications, there's never enough to go around, brand names matter, and the affluent clients are the holy grail to the "regular" interior designer. Everything is VERY on the surface, and so is the work that they do for their clients. Which is not a judgment, but merely stating a fact.

Holistic interior designers are in either the 4D or 5D state of consciousness.

The 4D holistic interior designer, on their way to 5D, knows that beyond leading a healthy lifestyle there is more to life than we can physically see and that means that your environment matters.

Designers living in this state know that thoughts are powerful, and you know that finding your purpose in how it relates within what has primarily been a superficial industry is extremely important at this moment. And that your intuition plays a large part in all of this. 

The 5D holistic interior designer knows that we are all connected, even with all of those people living in 3D. Material things and trying to “fit in” is out the window. We are firmly rooted in who we are, and no longer live in a place of fear.

We know that everything holds meaning and energy. We know that there is a higher purpose in the work that we do and that it is divinely inspired. Competition doesn’t exist, nor does judgement. Our intuition is strong, and we use it to help those who need us. 

Knowing this you can see how "marketing strategies" in the technical sense are a secondary way to grow your holistic interior design business. So what comes before that?

Your intention will grow your holistic interior design business

Intention is everything because the work you are doing comes from your spiritual consciousness. While your clients may live in the 3D realm that's bathed in fear, you're there to help them heal. 

Your soul and the souls of your clients are seeking each other so that you help them. 

Seeing them will grow your holistic interior design business

Know who you want to attract to your business to grow your holistic interior design business. Go beyond the basic demographics and identify them at a soul level. You need to "see them." You see the divine in them as it's in you. They would be a reflection of yourself if you were looking in a mirror that you'll instantly connect with.

Connection will grow your holistic interior design business

Authenticity matters and believe me when I say that I know how scary it can be to let your woo-woo freak flag fly. Know this, those in 3D will not get it and may ridicule what they don't understand. Be the person you want to attract. Not the person that the industry or even your family thinks you should be. 

The beautiful part of this is that when you lean into your gifts and share them unashamedly the 3D thinking when it comes to figuring out how to grow your holistic interior design business gets left behind. Instead, your message will resonate with the exact clients you need to work with. 

Stories are what connect all of us. You know how every piece in a room is a part of the story of your client's life and your role is to share their story through your design talents. The stories of how you pull that all together is what you need to share with the world so the projects that you're meant to work on come to you.

Holistic Interior Design Truth Bomb

For years, I've wondered why I just didn't fit into the traditional interior design community. You know, I've shared my story before about how I always felt like I didn't belong in the community but it hasn't been until recently that I really understand why I didn't belong and I hope now you understand why for yourself, too. 

Those who are still stuck, living in the 3D world and see the industry in a linear manner don't understand yet that holistic interior design isn't about trendy, luxury or affluent. It's so much deeper than that.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.