To Grow Your Business Understand Your Client's Buying Process

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One of the biggest parts of getting known is building your brand awareness. If your client doesn't know you exist as a solution to their problem, how can they hire you? 

Here's a quick overview of your client's buying process:

  1. They realize they need help.

  2. They search online to find a solution.

  3. They (hopefully) find you, this is why SEO should be your BFF.

  4. They sign up for your email list.

  5. You start a relationship sending them valuable help in your newsletter.

  6. The prospect gets to know, like and trust you. They check out your service.

  7. They evaluate the alternatives to hiring you.

  8. If you two *click*, they'll hire you.

Of course there is a lot of stuff that goes into this, but that is the big picture. This is why you need to focus on first is making sure you show up online where your clients are looking for help and build your brand awareness.

Here's your homework: 

Figure out who your dream client is. If you haven't had a client yet, this is your opportunity to dream them up. Get a rough idea in your mind of who they are. Then become a student of your client.

Even if you know who your dream client is, use this time to research to figure out where your clients are, what they are interested in and why they need your help.

Believe me when I tell you after years in business, this will evolve and you may have new spots to attract clients. If you need help with this, join us in the Society and get access to the "Attract Your Dream Clients" training.