Give Away Your Best Interior Design Advice


You must give away your best interior design advice for free. I know. I can just hear you now.

I said it. Don't be a hater. Just hear me out.

You got to give to get. You know that, right?

It can't all be about you. You need to give away your best interior design advice.

No, I'm serious. A lot of interior design business owners are so far into their business that they forget who they serve (and everybody serves somebody).

But when you are giving your best interior design advice, do it so it is beneficial for you, too. Build yourself an email list.

Like we talked about here, you need to build an email list for your interior design business. To do that you need to offer them a reason to hand over their super special email address.

So you must create something for them. Like a "Look Book" or bedroom paint color palettes or your top interior design "secrets".

And how will know if your offer is good?

Put yourself in their shoes, would you want it?

If you're offering a bedazzled piece of crap, people will know its still a piece of crap that you just bedazzled.

So give them something that is going to knock their socks off.

Alycia Wicker

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