Here’s a Quick Way to Get Your Clients From Facebook to Your Website


You know that should be your goal, right? Not to keep them on Facebook but to bring them back to your place. Your website. (Unless you have website shame. If so, we have a sash for that, but can help you get proud of your website with some sparkles.) So picture it. Sally is scanning facebook. She's got exactly 3 minutes on her iPad to find a designer. She sees your Facebook page.

She scans your page briefly, intrigued, but then she hears Junior.

"Mommmy! I 'm gonna be late for school!!!"

Ugh, what to do? Well, she begins to look for a link real quick to take her to your website.

She scans. And scans. And scans.

Nothing. Turns off iPad. Frustrated that she will have to come back to your Facebook page and click around some more to find your website address.

And you better hope there isn't some hilarious video that distracts her and she nevers finds you again.

Don't make it so hard.

Take action now.

  1. Go to your Facebook business page.

  2. Clicky "edit page" in the Admin panel.

  3. Click "update public info".

  4. Look for the box "Short Description" and enter your website address first. Then add some quick deets about your business.

Sally may just hire you now because you made it easier for her.