7 Easy Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website (Even If You Suck At SEO)


As a creative entrepreneur, you want to get traffic to your website without having to master search engine optimization. Yes, I know SEO scares you so until you dip your toes into the world of keywords (which isn't as hard as you think, trust me), I'll show you how to get traffic to your website without doing the SEO Samba.

Get Traffic To Your Website With Guest Blog Posts

Everyone has their special talents but you also know that there are people who have information to share that would be helpful to your peeps in additional to what you share, right? So if you're the intuitive business coach, invite someone with knowledge about crystals to come over to your blog and share their expertise. That crystal expert can then return the favor and share a post you write for their blog. 

It's a win-win situation where you both can get introduced to each other's audiences while sharing your expertise. We respect the person who is introduced to us by someone else we respect more than the random stranger who has to earn our respect, right? So find a few partners in crime to exchange guest blog posts with.

Get Traffic To Your Website With Comments

Genuine and helpful comments that are looking to ADD to the conversation will get your traffic to your website. Connect with other people and don't be shy! The beauty of the internet is we can meet lots of people who share our interests and want to make new friends, too. 

So post comments on blogs related to what your business is. That traffic that would see your comment and find out more about you will be highly targeted (meaning they are already interested in this subject). 

At the same time, I wouldn't recommend commenting on direct competitors blog posts. It's a respect issue. Same with leaving comments where the only goal is "LOOK AT ME! I"M SELLING SHIT!". Don't do that, either.

Get Traffic With Social Media Mini-Posts

You should be repurposing your content all the time to get traffic back to your website by:

  • pulling out a quote from the blog post with a link

  • creating a quote image related to the blog post with a link

  • cite a fact and share that with a link to your post

Get Traffic To Your Website With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are one of my favorite ways to get traffic to your website. Facebook ads has an amazing advertising platform for you to target who sees your ad so you don't waste money advertising to people who could care less about what you're offering.

Share your blog post on your Facebook business page (not your personal profile because you can't be doing business on your personal profile, mmkay?) and then go into to the Ads Manager, find and promote that post on your page. 

You can target that ad to go to just the fans on your Facebook page, you can target that ad to go to people who have visited your website, or you could even target that ad to be delivered to Friends of people who like your Page (and even include the people who like your page, too). 

Get Traffic To Your Website With Pinterest

Pinterest is hands down, one of my most favorite ways to get traffic to my website. No matter if you're selling candles, clothes, decor, psychic readings, crystals, art... well practically anything you can find your audience on Pinterest.

The peeps on Pinterest are looking to buy in most cases so don't think that Pinterest is full of just DIYers. In fact, most people check out the DIY projects and, like me, decide that they are actually lazy and just want to buy the result. 

So to get the traffic from Pinterest to your website, write up some in-depth blog posts on how to do something or a list blog post. Then create a fabulous image to catch their attention.

Get Traffic To Your Website By Answering Questions

If you're totally stumped when it comes to figuring out what you should be writing on your blog then go do some research. Go to Quora or Reddit and see what people are asking about.

Head on over to Amazon and read the book reviews that are critical of the book. You will find people who wished that an author addressed something which will be your opportunity to share your expertise on that point. 

Get Traffic To Your Website By Snooping On The Competition

If you have no clue what your audience wants to read you should definitely ask them. If you don't have an audience yet, you can snoop on what topics your competition is writing about and use that to start your own brainstorming session. 

Then get to work writing your blog posts that will get traffic to your website and don't forget to do this one super important thing in all of your blog posts, okay? And if you really want to become an expert blogger so you can bring traffic to your website all the time, then join the Society and get access to the Blogging 101 video course. It will have you on your way in no time!