Stop Hiding + Get Real Success In Your Business


You worry about your logo.

You worry about having the perfect shade of blue on your website.

You worry if you should use this font or that one.

You are worrying about dumb shit.

You don't blog.

You don't post on social media.

You don't do videos.

You don't learn SEO.

You don't build an email list.

You are just hiding. On purpose.

Newsflash! That's not why you're here.

I'm not going to sugar coat this. You need to show up and solve a problem. You say you do that?

Good. Then show the world. Tell everyone what you do. Become a crazy Kanye West and tell everyone about your genius. Sell something that people want. 

Don't sit around making up excuses why blogging or social media don't work for you. They don't work for you because you are hiding.

Posting something once every blue moon that's written like you're submitting it to a professor isn't not showing up like the badass you really are.

So you play small and hide. Making excuses for it all.

If you want to hear the cold hard truth then you're going to have to stop worrying about the small shit.

Think and do everything bigger than you feel you can actually do. When you push yourself to grow you push yourself into success.

If you're ready to stop hiding and make a commitment to yourself to show who you are so you can start making money, join us in the Society. Or you can continue to hide and stay broke.