Get Mad, Then Kick Ass

get-mad-then-kick-ass- (1).png

You're stuck in this fucking hamster wheel. Maybe it's an upgraded one that spins a little faster, but it is still a hamster wheel. 

You're grateful to have the hamster wheel. But, you'd really just like to run in the wild. With a bottle of wine and your BFF. Well, let's skip the running. I don't want to sweat.

So here you are on your hamster wheel which is just the daily grind of growing your business. And you're working so very hard. 

You have spent countless hours on your services, your brand, your website, your logo, your marketing. EVERYTHING.

You have cried. You have screamed. You have beamed. And you still aren't where you really want to be with your business. 

And then you see some company out there offering something similar for either pennies on the dollar or ten times your fee.

Your blood begins to boil.

What gives them the right to charge that amount?

And who are those people paying that? 

And you wanna know why those fuckers win (or at least appear to, in some cases)?

They have the big brass balls and TOTAL CONFIDENCE in their business to command that fee. Whether they are selling snake oil or gilded golden turds. They own that.

But you don't own it. 

Instead you believe that you're nothing special. You're good enough. You're just okay. 

You're afraid to own your brilliance. You're afraid to own your genius. You're afraid to be seen as the valuable person that you are. You refuse to let yourself hear the words that "you matter".

So you play fucking small because it's safer than showing up. You whisper when you should be roaring. 

What in the hell are you waiting for?

Time is ticking away and what do you have to show for it. Are you living the dream? Or are you still saving that dream for five years from now?

What if you are actually dead in five years? 

Are ya gonna roll up on the pearly gates like, "Well, shit. I meant to go after it. But I just couldn't. The ask was far too high."

Or are you going to demand more of yourself and actually step up to the plate. 

You ARE awesome.

You NEED to show up.

Your GIFT is important.

You must VALUE yourself and be paid accordingly.


There's just no other option. If you're not all in, you're not in at all. So go all in on this. The time is NOW.