Where To Find Free Stock Photos For Your Interior Design Blog

Once upon a time there was a designer named Paula. She didn't have any portfolio images to use on her interior design blog. Her blog posts simply couldn't be sad and bare. So what is she to do?

Paula has to go on a hunt for pictures. But she can't steal them from Google. She can't snag them and just give credit to the website she found it from. Oh, no. She could get sued and thrown into a pound-you-in-the-ass penitentiary.

Where can she find photos that will keep her out of jail?


Free Stock Photos For Your Interior Design Blog

1. Unsplash

Their images are free and high resolution. You can search their website and they do have some images that are interior design related.

2. Pixabay

They've got public domain photos you can use for your design business. You can also search this website and they have some design related images.

3. Kaboom Pics

There's some cute interior pics you can use like the one I'm using for this blog post!

4. New Old Stock

These are vintage photos, so maybe they aren't perfect for your blog posts unless you're a vintage designer or have a post on old design stuff. These pics could be pretty cool for inspirational quote images. You can't search it though so you will be getting your scroll workout on.

5. Splitshire

They actually have an interiors section but there's a handful of pic in that section. Hopefully they will continue to expand it. 

6. IM Creator

They've got lots of pics sorted by category, no "interior" section, but there's lots of good stuff there you could adapt and use. Plus this website could be perfect for your other design projects like your website graphics.

7. MorgueFile

Besides the fact I love the name, you can sometimes strike gold on their website. While there are some less than stellar pics there, you can find some gems. 

8. Life of Pix

They have some pretty photos here for your blog and social media posts. There aren't too many interior shots, though.

9. Free Images

You can use their images in blog posts and they do have some nice ones.

10. Lock & Stock Photos

Free photos but you do need to link back to his website.

11. RGB Stock

Free photos

Bonus! The Pattern Library

You don't have to always use an interior photo and when you want some cool pattern to throw on a blog post thumbnail you can use these patterns on this website.  

And if you can't find a photo to illustrate your point you could always sketch something up. People dig sketches :)

Always check out their terms and conditions to using their photos in case they change them so you don't go to jail. I'd be sad. And I'm not bailing you out. 

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