Where To Find Free Stock Photos For Your Interior Design Blog


So there you are, writing a blog post and now it comes time to find a stock photo for your interior design blog post that doesn't suck. 

At this point, don't do what a lot of people do: take photos from Pinterest and just add in a link that says where you found it. That's not the right way to do it. I don't care who tells you that shit.

If you want to use a photo you found on Pinterest or anywhere else for that matter, you MUST find out who owns that photo and ask for permission to use it. 

You also can't just right-click an image from Google.

You could get sued and thrown into a pound-you-in-the-ass penitentiary. Does that sound like something you want to do? Didn't think so. 

If you run across a photo and wonder if you can use it, check out this handy-dandy poster from Design Sponge to help you figure out if you're good to go.

That then leads us to find stock photos and if you're blogging frequently, you'll find yourself using a lot of free stock photos for your blog posts.

Here's where to start looking...

Free Stock Photos For Your Interior Design Blog (Credit May Be Required)

1. Unsplash

Their images are free and high resolution. You can search their website and they do have some images that are interior design related. A lot of designers use the photos from this website, so be aware that if you've found the most perfect picture ever, someone else will find and use it, too. 

2. Pixabay

3. Kaboom Pics

4. Pexels

5. Canva

6. StockSnap

7. ISO Republic

8. New Old Stock

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9. Splitshire

10. IM Creator

11. MorgueFile

12. Life of Pix

13. Free Images

14. RGB Stock

15. PhotoPin

16. Wylio

17. Foter

Bonus! The Pattern Library

Always check out their terms and conditions to using their photos in case they change them so you don't go to jail. I'd be sad. And I'm not bailing you out. 

But they don't have any photos that I really like, now what?

You don't have to always use an interior photo. You can also:

Bottom Line: Using a photo is like quoting someone, you must attribute. When in doubt ask.

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