Why You Feel Stuck In Your Business


The reason you’re feeling stuck is because you don’t know how to get to where you want to be in your business.

Maybe you haven’t worked with a dream client yet. Just some pain in the ass client you took on because you were desperate for the money.

Maybe you haven’t even gotten a single sale yet because no one knows you exist.

Maybe you’ve been in business what seems like a mother fucking eternity and you’re just over the shitty clients, the shitty pay, the shitty hours.

Whatever it is, you’re not where you want to be because you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

What if you chose to go about this in an entirely new way?

What if you chose to only do business the way you want to?

I can already hear you saying: “Hello! I will go out of business if I just decided to charge what I’m worth and wait to work with only dreamy clients that value me.”

Love. You’re going out of business and you don’t even know it yet.

Your business is sputtering along and when you get a few breadcrumbs here and there it isn’t something you can continue on with.

It’s all wrong and you know it. You’re just afraid to say that it’s not right. You would have to admit you have made a mistake AND that you’re not entirely sure what you should be doing.

But, you do know what you really want to be doing. Seriously, you do. You just haven’t taken the time to listen to your soul.

Your soul doesn’t want to work with cheap ass clients. Your soul doesn’t want to work for a couple hundred dollars here and there. Your soul doesn’t want to cry itself to sleep every night pissed off it's stuck in its own shitty version of that "Groundhog Day" movie.

Your soul wants to live its purpose but you want to confine it into what “they” say you should be doing. And doing it the way “they” want you to be doing it.

That’s why you’re burned out and your business is taking a dump.

You don’t have the clarity around your purpose because you listen to the noise.

And once you know your purpose, the next step is totally scary too.

You have to take action.

While you think that it’s about the latest strategy on Pinterest, the long tail keywords and figuring out which email marketing service you should use… all of that shit? Doesn’t fucking matter to your soul.

You worry about your logo, your website, the name of your blog, what time to post on Twitter and no one cares. Your soul doesn’t care and neither does your dream client.

You’re hiding behind the details that do not fucking matter in the long run.

Do I have success in my business because I post my blog posts once a week on Thursday mornings? Do I have success because I post three times a day on Instagram? Do I have success because I get traffic to my website through specifically targeted Facebook ads?

No, no and fucking no. That’s just about getting my message out into the world. The right people need to hear my message and all of that is just about making sure I get the right message to the right people.

The reason for my success? I share my message. People know who I am by my message. The message I share no matter the time it is posted or the social media channel I choose to deliver it on.

I could have a shit website and a fugly logo. If my message gets to the right people, I win. My message gets out because I listen to my soul. I share what I’m supposed to.

You don’t get to ignore your soul. Every time you ignore your purpose and focus on the bullshit that doesn’t matter you get burned out. Which leads us right back to where we are today, doesn’t it?

I can show you HOW to get your message out into the world. I can’t tell you what that message is. You need to figure that part out.