The Facebook Strategy For Interior Designers That You'll Probably Ignore

facebook strategy for interior designers

For the love of Kanye West, stop asking your fellow designers to like your Facebook page.

"But I follow other designers and they inspire me!"

I mean yes, we all like other designers work and love to see what they are doing. But asking your community of fellow designers to like your Facebook page to grow the reach and interaction on your page isn't the right way to go about it.

"But no one likes my page! I need 'Likes' now!"

Is there a race I missed? If you're in a effing hurry to get 'Likes' you could always place a Facebook ad to get more likes on your page (and at least that way you could target people who are likely to hire you).

But perhaps the reason you don't have many likes now is that (there's a #designtruthbomb coming, brace yourself)... what you are sharing on your page is boring.

Personality, people! Let's stop being boring. Boring people don't get Facebook likes. Open up, be unpredictable, have an opinion, share some real emotion.

You should look at your Facebook page as a marketing tool. One to help you get clients and make you money.

Of course, FB changed their algorithm so less people see your stuff because they are a business and need to make money by selling advertising.

Now, let’s take this a step further. If Facebook is only showing your posts to a small percentage of your fans and you just asked a bunch of design friends to like your page who aren't going to buy from you like ever.

The little visibility you do get is now going to be shown mostly to all your designer friends. Yay! Let's skip through the berries and dance around the Maypole!

What percentage of those people who are seeing your content organically are people who would actually like to buy from you and what percentage of those people are just designers who like design?

Oh and if you ever wanna "Boost" a post to show it to more of your fans? Well, you'll be paying to show it your designer friends. Yay for wasting money on people who still aren't going to hire you!

Try Getting 'Likes' With A Real Facebook Strategy Instead of Being Lazy (yeah, I said it)

Imagine you created some content that was awesome. It starts getting interaction and Facebook pays attention and shows it to more and more people without you having to pay to show it to more people. The problem is the majority of your the people who are seeing your post aren't actually the people you want to work with.

Facebook Strategy For Interior Designers Tips:

  • Create posts that would get engagement from people you actually want to have hire you like...

  • Ask your fans a questions where they need to respond with a comment.

  • Research when your fans are actually visiting your page so they have a better chance of seeing your posts.

  • Stop asking your design BFFs and your uninterested broke-ass neighbor to like your page

Instead I’d suggest to come up with a content strategy so you’re engaging to grow your following organically. 

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.